Official Announces Tinder Online; Tinder Comes To The desktop


Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog and I am jimmy. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Tinder comes to the desktop, announces Tinder Online. Tinder has announced that the popular dating app will extend its features to a desktop or laptop near you. The app, which, as of now, works only on iOS and Android devices, will soon be available via a web version, which can be accessed using a browser. The new browser-based Tinder app can be accessed at In its blog post, Tinder has claimed that this move has been made to make sure that Tinder reaches out to a wider audience, especially in the emerging markets. The desktop app is currently being tested in a few emerging markets, says the blog post, which includes countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, and Sweden.

The reason for allowing people to swipe right (or left) on a desktop has been explained in the same blog post. The company believes that not all users would have access to 4G (or fast internet in general), and there might be some users who do wouldn’t have enough storage memory to support the Tinder app on their smartphones. This is a roadblock because the dating app is image heavy, and takes up both memory and consumes data heavily.

Tinder Online

Tinder Online comes to the Desktop

To use Tinder on a browser, you’ll still need to log in using your Facebook account. However, the company does claim that it will add an SMS-based login functionality for certain areas where accessing Facebook is a problem, or where users get limited Facebook access. It will definitely be interesting to see how the company goes about doing this because while it does not store any of the users’ personal data, it does draw the display pictures from the Facebook accounts. The desktop interface still draws a lot from the mobile app, in terms of design, but offers the option to chat while browsing profiles.

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The popular dating app also makes a slightly dicey suggestion – to use Tinder Online as an alternative to the mobile platform while inside a classroom, or at work. We seriously recommend users to check with the company policies first, about using company (or university) resources for personal usage.

What the blog post has not made clear is whether or not this browser-based Tinder Online will work on feature phones with basic internet and browsing functionality. The new Nokia 3310, which is reportedly going to go on sale in the Q2 2017, is one such phone. Will it work on the phones like the new Nokia 3310? We need to wait and watch.


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