OnePlus 5 In Red Colour? Twitter Of The Company Teases Two New Options


OnePlus 5 might just come in a red colour option or a blue-green-purplish combination if you go by the company’s latest tweet. one plus 5 prices just posted a tweet with four colour options, asking users, which one should come on the next phone. The tweet reads, “What 5hould the colour of your next phone be?”

OnePlus 5

The colours, which are part of the tweet, include Black, the weird blue-green-purple mixture, Red, and finally the Gold colour. The OnePlus 3T came in a ‘Gunmetal Grey’ along with the Soft Gold colour option. OnePlus had later launched a limited edition Matte Black colour variant for the one plus 3t specifications as well.

OnePlus 5 release date in India adding a Red colour as one of the options is not an original idea. It seems to be inspired by the Apple iPhone RED. But there’s no denying a ‘oneplus 3t amazon Red’ phone does look appealing to some. At least, it is more colourful compared to the usual black or the gold colour options, which are flooding the market.

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OnePlus 5 is supposed to launch this summer, which likely means in June or July. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has promised this phone will be a ‘big surprise.’ OnePlus 3t buy online is expected to use the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. This Smartphone on one plus 3t Flipkart, along with possible 8GB RAM and the 256GB version on the cards.

OnePlus 5 in red colour? Twitter

The battery life on the OnePlus 5 could be increased to 3600 mAh from the 3400 mAh one we saw on the earlier one plus 3t 128gb. The other big change on the OnePlus 5 is expected to be the dual rear camera.  There’s some confusion on how this will be aligned with some leaks showing a vertical arrangement, and others showing a horizontal one. How one plus one Flipkart implements this camera set up will be crucial as well.

Some reports also indicate OnePlus amazon could increase. The price with the OnePlus 5 thanks to the higher cost of components. We’ll have to wait and see if turns out to be true when the one plus store phone is launched.


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