How to Prevent Your Phone Over Heating

Hey there! Welcome to the mirchitech and here i want to share something different. So day i will tell, how to prevent your phone overheating And in my previous article i shared, The Real Truth of Whatsapp Gold Version and i hope you were read it. If not then go there and read it now because that is the most important post for you. Today many whatsapp users available in the world and after facebook this is the number one social media.


how to prevent your phone over heating

tips to prevent your phone from overheating

Summer season effect on your phone and boys always wonder out of house so you should care of your phone from sunny read it from below:

  • do not open more apps at a time because it is not good for your smart phone. you need to use only recommended apps.
  • Do not use internet hardly and long time, many time viruses are also come from the internet. Also do not use wifi and Bluetooth without any need. Keep your mind that every gadget need rest.
  • You should use phone cover and lamination for your phone it’s clothes of your phone. also your phone prevent from soil so don’t forget.
  • Replace your batter if you battery is old because old battery is the chance to heat and may it can blast. So be careful.
  • Do not charge more than recommendation and do not use phone for long time when you are doing charging. Also do not use chap battery and charger..

So friends follow these tips to prevent your from heating.


So friends i hope you understand the information of how to prevent your phone overheating and share this article on social media because sharing is caring. Thank you all and have a nice day.


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