Prevention From Fake Phone Battery Saver

Hello there welcome back to the mirchitech blog. Here i want to share prevention from fake phone battery saver and read it carefully to understand better.   In my previous article i shared How to Get Paid Software in Free – Step by Step Guide so also go there and read it carefully. Today software makers get double fees of their softwares. So this is totally unfair. They are making many dollars every month. I know they hard worked for their software but this is not fair because only double feees is good but not high rate.

Phone Battery

By the way i have shared many articles of battery saver and those are working fine but  many fake softwares are available on internet they are not increasing your battery life but making you fool so don’t try that type of sofwtares and read this post carefully.

Prevention from fake phone battery saver

Tips to prevent your phone from fake battery saver

So here are some myths about phone batter charging and savers:

  • Some people say, don’t use phone when battery is charging this is totally wrong. Some people say it will blast or it is chance to giving a shock but this is not true.
  • Some people say do not plug in charging all night otherwise your battery becomes a weka. Yu know this is not trues nd just a rumor. Actually your smart hone is very smart and automatically disconnect when charging is completed.
  • Another rumour is only charge your phone when your phone low as 0% this is also biggest rumor so don’t rust it.

So friends do not trust on this fake rumors because this is the like a joke. So bttery saver is not okay but this is fake.


So friends here i shared prevention from fake phone battery saver and if you ahve problem about that then contact us and share it.


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