Best 11 Private Search Engines for 2018


Now, the internet enthusiasts are willing to use the best search engine for the better browsing experience. There are lots of the Private Search Engines available instead of Google and others. You can choose the best search engine that gives the search result quickly as you want.

With the help of such a type of search engine, you can make use of the internet anonymously. This kind of search engine cannot store any information about the searches. They cannot keep track of the user’s data like history, search intent, location and much more.

Private Search Engines
Private Search Engines


Below Are the Lists of The Private Search Engines


It is considered as the popular search engine that never keeps track of the search result. You can securely browse anything in the search engine. The duckduckgo search engine cannot make use of the cookies to get the personal details about the users. The users IP address is hidden in the browser.

It manages the different range of the powerful features that beneficial for the internet users. This one comes up with the features like app store search, quick stopwatch, and others. You can opt for this one and enjoy the safe browsing.

Wolfram Alpha:

It is regarded as the computational search engine that gives the correct solution to the users as they want. This is the best search engine privacy that brings the excellent result to the searchers. It offers the result as per the users need and requirements. You can browse the internet without any hassle.

It provides the information such as keyword, sentence, file and mathematical equation. This is suitable for finding the comparison and nutrition information. You can get everything with this private search engine. This is often used by the security researchers.


This is the best search engine nowadays that offers the convenient features to the users. The users need this one for the speed and performance. It is also called as the NSA search engine. It does not manage the personalized features. This one cannot use any cookies to store the user’s information in the browser.

The user can browse the internet in a safe manner without any hassle. It provides the reliable search result to the user. It is highly used for the Patriots. You can try to use this now and see how it produces the search result.


It is completely different when compared to other private browsers. The users can able to access the excellent browsing option with the help of the proxy server. With it, you cannot directly connect with the website. It offers the excellent privacy to the users while surfing the internet.

This one manages the perfect interface that takes the information and gives the correct result. No one can steal the user’s data. The search engine modifies the address at the searching time. The proxy server makes the user data very safe.


This is the private search engine that designed depending on the https. It is labeled as the alternative search engines that maintain SSL encryption. It does not keep any information about you search in the search engines. It gains immense popularity among the users today. It is the extensively utilized for the users around the world in these days.

The users reliably opt for this search engine due to the security concern and confidentiality of the data. With it, you can manage the online privacy in a simple manner.


If you are searching for the best search engine, this is the best option for you. The users can able to keep the browsing information very safe and secure. It is a good alternative for the internet users that do not store any online activity. It is regarded as the safest search engine for the user who keeps the data confidentially.

The search engine cannot hack the personal details and IP address of the users. You can simply use and protect the information in a secure way. You can manage the personal information very secret.

Disconnect Search:

This one makes use of the search assistance from the popular search engines. The search engines such as yahoo, bing, and google provide the support for this private search engine. But, this one cannot maintain the IP address of the users who use this browser. It allows the users to search for anything with the location.

This one perfectly gives the result to the users as they want. The users cannot face any risk of keeping the details and browsing information. You can enter the location in the search and then start the surfing.


For those who are searching for the best private browser, you can opt for the lukol. The users always aware of keeping the information while browsing the internet. This one ensures the custom search assistance of the google when giving the browsing result.

The users can able to obtain the customized search result when it comes to using this browser. It utilizes the proxy server for the security purpose. The search engine stops the website against tracking the activity of the searchers. You can immediately go for this one and search anything safely.


It is the private browser that maintains lots of web pages. This one does not manage the user’s search engine. You can securely browse the internet at any time you need the information. You can get the real world information quickly. It gives the proper result to the users who utilize. It gives the best protection to the users when surfing the internet. You can save the browsing history against the marketers and spammers.


This is the highly demanded search engine among the internet users. The most trusted search engine gives many benefits to the users. It avoids the third party and spammers to gather the user’s data and misuse them.

You can search the news, videos, images, and others via this search engine. You can protect the browsing information when using such a private browser. You can receive the chrome extension for using this search engine.

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