Who is the Product Owner During of Developing Web Application?


It is very important to understand the role of the Product Owner. For most companies, the Product Owner is something new. In this articles, you will find out what Product owner does and why this role is the key to the success of the project of developing a web application.

Most of all product owner is the main core of the product development cycle. He or she knows what are the customer needs, can imagine how the product will look and what functionalities it will have and introduce clients vision to the development team.

Product Owner

What Product Owner do?

In one sentence we can say that the product owner is the client’s advocate. The product predicts which functionalities will be a great solution for the customers. Nevertheless, he or she is the voice of the clients.

Product owner develops and set the priorities of the web application project, handle the project backlog – the list of tasks that need to be done to complete the project. Product owner works closely with the software development team which means this person provides quick answers to any question regarding the project. We can say that product owner is someone in the middle between the development team and the stakeholders.

Why this role is so important for the success of the project?

According to the experience in companies where there is no product in most case, the development process becomes a chaos. It has to be someone between the client and development team. Otherwise, the deadlines are not meet and the clients are not satisfied with the final project of the web application.

However, the person who is working as a product owner should have high qualifications. From one hand this person must have some technical knowledge to be able to good communicate their vision of the project to the technical team.

But to the other hand, this person should be able to present in an understandable way the tech concept to the client. Also, the product owners should have a business background in order to predict the customer’s needs for the product.

To sum up, the role of the product owner is very demanding. The person on this position should be qualified to handle the whole project of developing web applications.

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