Recording-Caller Mic In The Market In Rs 500 Makes It At Home In Only 40 Rupees.

Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Recording-caller Mike in the market in Rs 500 Makes it at home in only 40 rupees.Caller Mike can be easily charged up to 40Think that you’re Recording-Caller Mic talking to someone in a song, or is hosting the show and so you do not hear the sound apparent due to the external noise. You might think that you used to have someone like Mike, who you can easily stop without your work when you want. So you can use the caller mic.

Recording-Caller Mic

500 crore caller Mic’s  300 is the exchange rate. Reuters appeared, according to a report, you can make it at home with less than 40 bucks. So what kind of house can you call the Mike get to know? First, you must be a soldering machine. If the Recording-Caller Mic does not need to spend 150 bucks extra for that. Also, need the following items.

Important: The first thing of Recording-Caller Mic is the audio cable pin which will get 20 bucks. Another button Mike Rs 15 The third tape will get 5 rupees. Fourth, box which will be available at your home. Then fabric should be a small part of Velvet. Soldering machine also you will need the cutter.

How will you make the Recording-Caller Mic?

  1. Cut the pieces of the reel and see the fit mic in them.
  2. Cut the audio cable into the second step. Add to the audio negative point red wire three-wire cable you need to use the soldering machine, to the bottom.
  3. Now take three marks on the negative pole.
  4. Add another pole to Mike Green and blue wire. This is called Positive Pole. Now your mic is ready.
  5. Now you’ve felt a check call to maintain the mic. After applying it, you will see the phone recording.
  6. Let us let it move forward. Now be sure to pack Mike. Fix it in a kiosk real way to make such an earlier update. Keep within 90 percent.
  7. Now wrapping the cello tape part of Mike and wrapping it up, your stored Velvet pieces have already tied up its formulas. Velvet helps prevent Fable.
  8. Cut the remaining pieces of extra velvet around the mic. After this, add a clip. Then your pet collars will be ready to Mike.
  9. The microphone will be recorded after you connect the phone.

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Hello, friends, I am Nikul, this is the information about New Recording-caller Mic in the market in Rs 500 Makes it at home in only 40 rupees. and enjoy it. Share this article on social media because sharing is caring. And if you have any question then sends a message to us, Take care friends. Keep visiting and keep reading.


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