Reliance Jio Prime Expired on 31st March, Will You Recharge Again?


The famous Reliance Jio Prime launched by Mukesh Ambani has taken the world of telecom by storm because people haven’t experienced anything like this before. Originally Reliance Jio Membership was announced last year during the month February (2017), it was already declared that the subscription will end on 31st March 2018.

Reliance has huge user base around India which is calculated to be around 160 million approximately. The users get the benefit to using additional free some are like SMS and Jio apps. It is crucial for the Reliance Jio users to subscribe to Prime in order to enjoy endless benefits. The interested folks need to pay only Rs. 99 membership fee which is definitely affordable.

Reliance Jio Prime

Reliance Jio Prime Expired on 31st March??

The prime subscription is about to end this week and we can expect some changes regarding this is in the coming weeks. It can be a continuation of the prime services by paying another Rs. 99 or there can be a little increase in the overall subscription rates. If you are looking forward to enjoying the endless mobile internet, SMS, calls them prime membership is a must. If you are buying one today, it may not be the right decision as it ends 31st Mach 2018.

The prime subscription is not only luxury but an essential to all those who are used to enjoy unlimited internet connection, you also get advantage from other offers by the company like Rs. 50 discount when you recharge packs. In order to recall the Jio Prime membership, the users can get enrolled by paying  the one-time annual fee of Rs 99 and it was mandatory to have recharge of Rs. Rs. 309.

The best part is Reliance Jio offers very fewer data tariffs which are 20 % less than its competitors like Airtel, Vodafone etc. no one can compete with Reliance Jio speed and cost, additionally, the users can have access to all the content apps for the entire year. All this is accessible only if the prime subscription package. With the prime subscription, you can access all apps like Jio Television, Jio Music, Jio News etc.

Even if you are a member, you still need to purchase the recharge packs in order to use the network. In addition to it, the users we also benefited with lucrative offers time to time. The Jio prime members have access to unlimited mobile data for the entire year, additionally, they can easily access all the Jio apps without paying an extra penny.

With a payment of just Rs. 99 which also includes the taxes, prime member were beneficial with endless luxury and high-speed internet connection. The Rs.99 is for membership enrolment and the amount is totally non-refundable. In this Rs.99 prime membership plan the users can get advantages of VoLTE-based voice calls to any network even during roaming there is no extra charge.

The plan is free from blackout days. The user can get access to unlimited data and voice services for the entire 12 months by paying just Rs. 10 every day.

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