How to Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome, Firefox


Nowadays, everyone has been spending most of the time in the internet platform to meet their needs. The web portal needs best browser to connect faster and let the user access a lot. Many browsers are accessible to make the surfing extremely convenient and comfort with wide range of features. Those who want to surf the internet take a look at the list of features engaged in the browser. Not, all the users utilize the websites one and open several tabs in a browser to make the search flexible. If you mistakenly closed the current tab in your browser and you don’t know how to get back Open Recently Closed Tabs in the browser. Whatever, the browser that in currently use don’t bother about that get closed tab instantly. Many browser users already experienced a lot close tabs for any purpose and they need to get closed tabs to access the webpage further.

Recently Closed Tabs

Open Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome:-

Chrome is one among the familiar and best inter browser tool includes diverse features makes the user stress-free and instant access. If you are the preferred chrome browser user currently accessing several tabs at a time, but you mishap closed some tabs. Besides, the closed tabs are more important and you want to quickly open the closed tab and get the webpage to continue the process. The wide range of features stuffed in the chrome browser to make you accessing the browser without trouble. The recently closed tabs in Google chrome extremely easier in two ways in the following:

It makes the shortest way to access the recently closed tabs chrome just clicks ctrl + shift + T and get recently closed all tabs. Besides, you can simply open it through right clicking the top corner title bar and choose the closed tab reopen from there. You can also see alternative option in the Google chrome browser to access the last tab that you closed can enter into the history option. You can quickly go to the history by pressing Ctrl + h and see the list of tabs that recently closed.

If you close the window in the browser accidently don’t get stress and the only need to restore opening the closed tab simple with few steps. How many that you opened and closed recently get them all by pressing shortcut key repeatedly Ctrl + Shift + T. If you seem, it’s difficult to do the process further can take a look at next option.

You can keep the action achieve in the default behavior just enter into the Google chrome browser settings. Located at the right corner indicates three horizontal dots and select to continue that where you left off startup. Here, you can see three options open the New Tab page, continue where you left off and open specific page or set of pages. You should choose continue where you left off getting closed tabs after open up the chrome browser.

Steps to Get Recently Closed Tabs in Firefox:-

If you utilize the firefox browser in your desktop and its convenient browser that you feel by list of flexible features. Not, only you the majority of the people students, business enterprises and others prefer firefox as a best browser among other browsers. The unique features and user convenience make the firefox seems in several desktop.

If you are using the firefox browser automatically or accidentally currently open tabs closed; it’s really important to you to get it immediately. You can easily reopen recently closed tabs firefox by pressing tab bar on the right corner and choose the option Undo close tab accessible in the popup menu. Or, you can simply click Ctrl + Shift + T on your keyboard to get previously closed number of single or multiple tabs at a time. If you get struggling and repeatedly choosing Undo close tab or clicking Ctrl + Shift + T to get closed tabs recently now open can follow.

Now, the option is extremely different accessible on the menu bar under depend on while you right clicked the tab or make empty of the bar. Here, you can know how to reopen a closed tab and make the extremely simple while it occurs to you. To get reopen the particular webpage or tab get closed, first you have to access the firefox browser menu option located at the right corner in the browser window.

Now, you have to search for history icon and just click it. After, that the history men will display on the browser and you can see complete list of recently closed tabs in the history option. If you can restore all the closed tabs can choose or click required webpage on the history. You can make the process simple by pressing restore closed tabs to get closed tabs restore within few seconds and see all the tabs currently loading and open exactly before it closed as same.

If you forgot the webpage name or URL that you visited previous don’t worry enter into the history menu in the firefox time periods placed in the sidebar. If you want to access this, ready to click the menu option and choose view history sidebar from the same history drop-down menu option.

In the history sidebar option, you can get previously accessed 7 days webpage and press the webpage to see it in the current tab. You can also see the webpages in the list that you visited later month or before six months.

Let know how to open closed tabs by following history sidebar and open until you terminate it through utilizing the X button place at the right corner. You can click to show all history option located at the history menu. At the left side of the pane, the library box shows periods of the browsing history you can get exact month and date of browsing webpage. You can open it as current tab and restore last session in the history option.


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