Review: New ZTE MAX XL With 6 Inch Display, Android 7.0

Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Review: New ZTE MAX XL With 6 Inch Display.Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE has taken us surprisingly with Max Pro last year, which means its large, bright, beautiful screen, solid performance and long-lasting battery due to its $ 100 value tag (on Metro apps) Made easy to do.


Now, with ZTE’s second budget focused focus: Max XL This is the spiritual successor of ZMax Pro but has been output with a large battery and other minor updates. Best of all, it costs $ 100, though this time is only available on mobile boost.

Unfortunately, upgrades of Max XL are not well-spent money. A long-lasting battery is not enough to justify a sub-screen, a dull processor and another disappointing camera. Max XL can be cheaper, but its price is not enough to justify the deal.


To mitigate Max XL for ZMax Pro you will be forgiven from the front, two phones look the same.

Despite the huge 6-inch footprint of Max XL, I did not find it much weird than previous year’s JMX Pro. Of course, using one hand is very impossible – you have to cover the edges of Max XL to reach the top. But given the generous amount of real estate, this is the cost of paying for big screen phone fans.

Max XL’s large screen curved shielded 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3.0. The edges are raised slightly above the maximum XL display and stand around the four edges of the phone. We are big fans of execution, here – the glass of slopes feels and feels good, if not better because it does on ZMax Pro.

While XL is lighter than Pro, it feels heavy and is thicker. This is due to the big battery in the XL, and we do not have any harm – after all, who does not want much battery life?

The other difference between the two phones is a bit difficult to spot. Max XL JMX Pro’s strong texture power button and two-button volume turnover have been found. The SIM card tray and micro SD card slot have not moved from their respective location on the upper-left side of the phone. XL retains 3.5mm audio jack and a USB Type-C port, which can be said for some budget phones.

On the back, Max XL’s rear camera – an ideal circle – is located above an LED flash. The embedded fingerprint at the bottom of the flash is a sloping edge that is not hard on the skin as the sharp edges of the Zmx Pro sensor.

Another example is the lack of Max XL’s NFC chip.

There is a similarity between Max XL and JMX Pro, we were disappointed to see: its three-button line of touch-sensitive navigation buttons. They do not have a different identifiable icon to remind you what the back button is, and which are recent apps buttons – and the worst of them are sometimes unresponsive.

Another example is that the Max XL lacks near-field communication (NFC) sensor. Like ZMax Pro, it does not support Android Pay – you can not tap to pay with contactless terminals with grocery stores, coffee shops, and other retailers; Pair with other NFC devices; Or transfer files via Android Beam Tap-to-pay platforms like Android peer are getting steam, so it is unhappy to release ZTE to NFC out. But the company is not alone – Lenovo’s Moto G5 lacks NFC in some areas too.


All said, Max XL is not devoid of corrections. Thanks to the outside and the corner, it is slightly more comfortable to hold. Instead of choosing it for a solid light-gray plan, removes the gold accent of ZMax Pro. The new back cover material opposes the fingerprints of oil and has a better hold

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Pink color in display

We were not expecting maximum XL of full HD (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) screen, and it turned out at intuition point in our test, the text was fast and the panel scale provided cinematic quality for movies and TV shows. , But we noticed that pink deformity which was worsening in the app with white menus like chrome and youtube. We reached the ZTTE about this issue but did not get the response.

The viewing angles were also not good – Max XL found in a little bending colors left or right from the left.

When comparing with JMX Pro’s screen, the brightness is more or less in the maximum setting. Still, it is a shame that XL’s screen is such a step.

External speaker of XL is also about the same, we have made Zmax Pro’s loudspeaker tiny and obscure, and the Max XL model is no different. Included Dolby Audio Equalizer App, which lets you switch between frequency level and pre-programmed audio profile, nothing seems to be improved.

Average performance

Max XL XM internally externally shares more with ZMax Pro, it packs the same Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor – Processor inside the Moto G4 and G4 Plus. We would love to see a new chipset here but 617 is not bad at all.

In our test, Max XLight should work as a leather. The albums were loaded relatively quickly in Facebook and Chrome, as dull and chat messaging in Facebook Messenger was as fast as the pinch-to-zoom Max XL in Google Maps. , Because it was Zemex Pro. When opening a large attachment in Gmail, we did not pay any attention to any recession, which sometimes comes down to those who perform well.

He said Snapdragon 617 is starting to show his age. In Chrome, images of high-reserve have made Adreno’s 450 chip-panning and zooming irritating to a great extent. Sometimes the app hesitated in a minute or two before the launch, and there was a slight, busy interval on the home screen and in the multitasking menu.

But in the 3D mark sling shot ES 3.1 test not shown in the benchmarking test, it has achieved the score of Max XL380 – slightly better than JMX Pro (368) and Moto G4 (384), but for two years Compared to the aging competition, so far the Net Nexus 5 X (1,487), which was slightly more expensive and had a different processor

Day-long battery life

We were impressed with the long-running battery of ZMX Pro, and Max XL is an even better performer. It’s not really surprising – its 3990mAh battery is about 600 mAh JMX Pro (3,400 mAh) larger than snapdragon 617 is also power efficient, because Lenovo’s G4 and G4 Plus detected in our review is.

Max XL walked like a champion during three long weekdays

During the three fairly long work days Max XL has gone like a champion, Facebook updates, email attachments, RSS feeds, and light Internet browsing drought to nearly 40%. As long as I slapped it on the charger around midnight, he had 25 percent overall, which was about 18 hours of battery life.


Like Max XL, ZMax Pro supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 2.0 Rapid Charging Technology. This chip does not charge quickly as the manufacturer’s new quick charge 4.0-enabled chips, which reaches five hours of battery life in five minutes. But this is not an inclination. In our trial, Max XL recharged completely for 40 hours between one hour and one and a half hours.

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Poor camera

JMX Pro’s 13-megapixel rear camera was battling expansion, color inaccuracies, and noise. Unfortunately, ZTE MAX XL which packs the same sensor – does not improve much.

In the civilized sunlight, the outer lighting system was captured by ZTE MAX XL but not great – shots made buildings smaller in the Flatiron district of New York City as much as they wanted, and there was a lack of detail in the shade

Indoor Shots was a different story under the glowing Flowers of Digital Trends’ NYC Office, the contrast was largely degraded. Maximum XL was a tough time for artificial light sources, resulting in low-contrast, focus with lots of noise.

The front 5-megapixel camera was not good. In our testing, affection came out of blurring and noise.

Near-stock android software

One of the best things about JMX Pro was getting “light touch” on Android.

One of the best things about JMX Pro was getting “light touch” on Android. If we did not know any better then we thought that this bone stock was running Android Not 7.1.1 – the closer the icon, the lock screen and the menu, the more you can find the vanilla version of the Android. It is not completely unknown – the notification shade is transparent, for example – but ZTE has retained the original elements.

ZTE has kept Bloatware at least, like, with ZXX Pro, Lookout is a mobile security app, in a town, as is a Sound Recorder app, an FM radio app, and an original file manager. that’s about it.

Warranty, price, and availability

ZTE offers a standard one-year limited warranty on ZTE MAX XL, it provides replacement and repair on units that are found to be “defective in materials or workmanship” and if any impossible is impossible, then refund It does not include unauthorized modifications made for ZTE MAX XL, of course, and accidental damage will also void the warranty. In other words, if Max XL’s screen breaks or its cover is standing, then repairs should be paid out of pocket.

ZTE Max XL is exclusive to Boost Mobile, T-Mobile’s prepaid brand, it’s available for $ 100 after the $ 30 promotional discount for a time.


ZTE’s ZMax Pro could not be perfect, but it was a very compelling compromise in $ 100. Max XL is less about recommending

How long will it last?

ZTE MAX XL is generally good for keeping your phone up to date, although you may have to wait a few months. It was recently rolled on Android 7.1.1 Nogate, the latest version. ZMX Pro and Exxon 7. It was announced that the old phones, including Exxon Max and Exxon Elite, will get an upgrade in the near future.

Historically, software updates of ExDX 7, for example, include support for Wi-Fi calling and Google’s Deadly Virtual Reality Platform, among the major new features of ZTE MAX XL. If you pull the trigger at maximum XL, then you can expect it to last for at least one year.

Is there a better option?

Yes. Last year’s JMX Pro, which thinks about the similar value of ZTE MAX XL on Amazon, is better in many cases. It captures sharp images, and the screen does not show the same pink color. The battery of ZX Pro does not last long, but we think that is more than other positive negativity.

If you can spring for a high-level spring of budget phone, however, we highly recommend Lenovo Moto G5, which has a much better camera, processor, and screen than both Xmex Pro and Max XL. It starts at $ 230, but in our estimation, this extra money is well spent.

Should You Buy It?

No. Max XL can be a cheap phone, but it is not very good. As long as you are not a Boost Mobile customer, who do not want to take more than $ 100, we recommend max XL pass. Its predecessors are better than measurements in some ways, and there are better options at the $ 200 + price point.


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