SafeWiper For Android Review | What is SafeWiper for Android?

SafeWiper For Android Review | What is SafeWiper for Android?
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SafeWiper For Android Review – An Android smartphone makes our life easy, as there is so much that can be done on it. Most people today rely on their phone for doing the tasks of their personal and professional life. Every year the smartphone companies introduce new phones with latest features that make us buy new phones and ditch the older ones. Also, the speed of the phone slows down by the constant and prolonged use.

The main reason for this is that the data usage and multiple apps put a burden on the phone. For this reason, you may want to erase all data on the phone to restore its speed. Also, you may need to erase the data for selling the phone to someone or even when you want to give it away to another person as a gift. Getting reliable and trusted data wiper software is the best option for this. Safewiper for Android is one of the data wipers that you can use.

SafeWiper For Android Review

What is SafeWiper for Android?

It is the best and most efficient Android data eraser available on the internet market currently. The deleted data cannot be recovered by any method by anyone, not even the hackers. It has three wiping modes. The first mode is erasing the complete data. The second mode is deleting private data and the third mode is deleting the app data.

Your personal data is removed from the internal memory as well as SD card. The software is compatible with older version Windows XP and the newer versions Windows Vista/ 7/8/10. The program works on all major smartphones like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Google, Motorola and other phones.

How SafeWiper for Android Works

Download the Safewiper For Android on your Windows computer or Mac and install it. Attach your phone to the computer with the help of a USB cable. If the connection fails and the program is not detected, use the USB debugging feature on the phone. If you have older versions Android 3.0-4.1, open the settings and choose developer options. Enable the USB debugging option.

For newer Android version 4.2 and above, you should open the setting and go to About Phone. Click on build number several times. When you get the message that you are in developer mode, you should open the settings and click on developer options. Enable the USB debugging option. An APK file will be installed and you need to confirm the install option. Wait till the file is installed successfully.

Erase All Data

Choose the erase all data option and touch the erase now option. A popup will open and you need to enter Delete or Erase in the box that appears. Choose the middle-security level from the three security levels that appear.

The process of erasing the data will begin. After that, the phone will restart and all the data is erased successfully. This option is recommended for those who are selling their smartphones to total strangers.

Erase Private Data

You can delete personal information by choosing the delete private data option. For this, connect your phone to the computer, open the software and choose the Erase Private Data option. The scanning of data will begin. Data categories like messages, call history, photos, audio, and video will be displayed to the left of the screen when the scanning is finished.

Choose the category of data that you wish to erase. Choose the middle-security level. Click on ok and the process of data erasing will start. Wait till the process is finished and the data is erased. This is the best option to erase existing data from your phone and make some extra room.

Erase App Data

Use this feature for erasing data stored by third-party apps. Connect the phone to the computer, open the software and choose the Erase App Data option. Scanning of app data will begin. Choose the app you want to target for removing the data.

Choose the Erase option. Your app data will be erased forever safely without any traces. This is the best option for erasing social network chats, media attachments and login credentials.


The Safewiper For Android software helps in erasing your personal data on the phone with surety. There is no chance that the erased data will be restored by anyone in future. It works on old and new Android versions with equal ease and effectiveness. The interface of the program is user-friendly so that you don’t have any problem in using it and erasing the data.

The process of wiping the data is simple and it is finished in very few steps that are easy to understand. The Safewiper for Android is a great tool that gives you peace of mind that your private data will not be used and accessed by anyone. It cleans your phone effortlessly so that you can resell the phone or think of donating it without any worries.



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