Samsung Galaxy Book Detailed Review, Specifications


A new screen champion in high-end, detachable 2-in-1 market, Samsung’s 12-inch Galaxy Book supports bright HDR content with a bright Super AMOLED display. But whenever we love our comfortable keyboard and fast SSD, $ 1,129 take away from the system’s short battery life and weird in-lap experience. If you can live with these trade trends, then Samsung will reward you with a spectacular visual experience.

Samsung Galaxy Book

The Galaxy Book is an agile machine, once you figure out how to cover unnecessarily complex, cover like orange keyboards and keyboards. It is clear that you can put the tablet into the rubber fitted keyboard folio cover using the proprietary connector in the spinal cord of the case, but the magnetic enclosure flap used to set a display angle is confusing.

When I took a few minutes in my mind, a co-worker clearly pointed out the printed diagram and explained that the four angles of the Galaxy Book can be explained. The sharp angle takes about 110 degrees, and at about 100 degrees.

Samsung Galaxy Book Comes With 12 Inches Display

But even after setting in the laptop-like position of the Galaxy Book, I used to have a hard time using it on my lap while I had relatively long feet, 12 x 11.5 inch surface was required for open propulsive And that’s what kept me close to my choice. Besides, the flexibility of the Folio keyboard meant the deck was moved and rocked the tablet display. Class I type. Sadly, such problems are found on many different 2-in-1s.

Measuring 2.6 pounds of weight and 0.6 inches thick, the 12-inch Galaxy Book Surface is heavier than Pro4 (2.4 pounds, 0.4 inches), but the Dell Latitude 5285 is 2-inch -1 (2.7 lbs, 0.6 inches) lighter than and Acer switch Alpha 12 (2.8 pounds, 0.6 inches).

Samsung placed the Dual, Power drawing USB Type-C ports of the Galaxy Book and headphone jack on the right side of the machine, and its SIM tray on the left. The power of 2-in-1 and the Volume Button are located on the top edge above the 5-megapixel webcam in Front Bezel and the 13-MP shooter is located at the top of its metal.

This is a relatively accurate demonstration of achieving 1.7 on the delta-e-test, which is 2.6 square average, 9.9 latitudes 5285 and 3.7 switches from Alpha 12 (3.6 9). Surface better Pro 4 (0.4)

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Samsung Galaxy Book Display

The Galaxy Book’s 2,160 X 1440 Super AMOLED display produces some of the most detailed, vivid images we have seen in 2-in-1. While streaming 1080p interview with pro-wrestlers on the device, I saw vibrant, an accurate tone in Sasha’s bank’s purple hair and small “Legit Boss” series plate and the smallest details of tribal tattoos of Vishal Braun Stroman.

If you can get high dynamic range (HDR) video content, which supports Netflix, then the Galaxy Book will produce a strong range of colors to see Daredevil for the Netflix app for Windows 10, I saw that before In comparison, dark-colored tonnes of black in black and more bright from outside to yellow appeared to be more vivid.

The Samsung Book Settings app includes screen mode settings, including AMOLED cinemas, MODEL photos and basic. I found the best, most realistic colors with the default adaptive display option.

According to our color meter, 205 percent of the SRGb spectrum is partially produced in the panel of the Galaxy Book. This is more than the 98 percent UltraApport qualified average, as well as latitude 5285 (127 percent), Surface Pro 4 (100 percent) and switches alpha (101 percent).

Galaxy now originates from the brightness of 342 nits. It is 290-nit average and 188-nit latitude is more than 5285. 382-NIT Surface Pro 4 and 432-NIT switch came with the strong reading from alpha. The panel of the Galaxy Book has enabled a solid range to see the angles, in which the color is maintained with strength from left and right to 45 degrees.

The Galaxy Book’s display accurately tracked my touch because I navigated the desktop, hunting, and peeping into Explorer. The screen quickly recognized the gestures of Navigational Tilt with Windows 10.

Keyboard, touchpad and s pen

The Galaxy Book’s deter able, the backlit keyboard provides decent input, especially if you use the keyboard on a flat surface instead of your lap. To spin out the 10 testing typing test, I clicked my way for 71 minutes per minute, which is close to my 80-WPM average.

Separable keys can provide shallow 1.3-millimeter journey (we expect to see 1.5 to 2.0 mm), but they need 80 grams of force (we prefer at least 60 grams) to work for it. This extra resistance protects typists from “outside basement”, painful sensations of very hard rings in the base

The Galaxy Book’s 3.8 x 2.1-inch touchpad gave a solid experience on every click, and it registered three finger app navigation gestures of Windows 10. I just wish that it was a bit taller because my finger often came out of space during scrolling.

This detachable also includes the Samsung S Pen, which offers another accurate input method. By the time I was trying to doodle in paint, I could not travel it. With Samsung’s Air Command, you can see the shortcuts to Samsung Notes and works for screenshots and annotations by hovering the stylus over the screen and clicking on the button on the shaft.


The speaker of the Galaxy Book played the role of “VocalPleakathis.” With an acceptable version of our medium size conference room produced enough quantity to fill. While vocal clear and drums were coming through cymbals seemed crisp, I was left wanting more bass.

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Armed with the Intel Core i5-7200U CPU and 4GB RAM, the Galaxy Book enables solid multitasking after sharing my screen between 1080p YouTube video and a dozen Chrome tabs (including Google Docs, TouchDec, and Snake) I have no stutter saw. After adding five edge tabs, 1 password, and hip patch, it was responsive and fast.

The Galaxy Book introduced a score of 6,381 on the Geekbench 3 General Performance Test, which is close to the Switch Alpha 12 (Core i5-6200U, 8GB RAM) with 6,398 and better than the 5,824 range average. Latitude 5285 (Core i7-7600U 16 GB RAM) has achieved the highest 8,449, and 6,811 Surface Pro 4 (Core i5-6300U CPU, 8GB RAM) also beat the Galaxy Book.

In the Galaxy Book 128 GB M2 SSD duplicated 4.97 GB files in 19 seconds for a speed of 267.9-megabyte seconds. This switch is an average of 186 Mbps and 152.4 Mbps rate from Alpha 12 (256 GB SSD). But it can not touch the Latitude 5285 (256 GB M2 PCIE NVME Class 40 SSD) or 338.28 Mbps from Surface Pro 4 (256 GB SSD) to 318.1.

In the OpenOffice Productivity Macro Examination, the Galaxy Book earned a decent time of 5 minutes, 14 seconds, which is faster than the 5:45 range average. Latitude 5285 (3:27), Surface Pro 4 (4:11) and Switch Alpha 12 (4:32) All took less time

The Intel HD 620 graph in the Galaxy Book pushed it into 63,187 on the 3DMark Snow Storm Unlimited test. It is more than the 54,618 range average and is similar to the protests from Latitude 5285 (Intel HD 620), Switch Alpha (Intel HD520) and Microsoft Surface Pro4 (Intel HD520), which created a score between 60424 and 65,938.

Battery Life

Like most detectable, the Galaxy Book suffers from normal battery life. Samsung claims that the machine provides 11 hours of video playback on the same charge, but notebooks only carry laptop battery test on Wi-Fi (web surfing at 100 units ) On 6 hours and 38 minutes and on LTE 6:32. Those times fall below 8:20 ultra-portrait average and 6:52 latitude 5285. However, the display of the Galaxy Book 6: 05 is better than the Switch Alpha 12 with the Surface Pro 4 and 4:49.

The included power adapter supports Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging, which the company says can give a full charge in less than 3 hours to the notebook.

Gamers with minor needs may have some fun with the Galaxy Book, this DRT3 (in a medium setting) went into a smooth 53 frames per second, which breaks an average of 36-FPS.

The camera

Behind the Galaxy Book is the 13-megapixel camera and the 5-MP Front-facing Safe-Shooter tablet photographer for the machine. The red Japanese maple leaves went on our terrace, as there are purple in Triple, on pedestrian pants I saw a pedestrian. The camera is also expanding well, such as the fur coat hair and small pieces on my sweat.

Unfortunately, the lens did not handle bright objects well, especially those items hit by the sunlight. Therefore, both outside and home furnishings are visible. It included my forehead, a white dress shirt, a taxi, and the walls of our lobby

Would like to enable digital video stabilization in the settings section of those shooting video camera app by hand because it reduces the amount of stutter in my scene.

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There is enough heat to be uncomfortable behind the Galaxy Book. While its touchpad (74 degrees Fahrenheit) and G & H key (76 degrees) did not break our 95-degree comfort threshold, but the back of the tablet started moving towards a 101-degree fever.


Samsung offers a mixed bag of tools with the Galaxy Book Samsung Flow Utility Galaxy handset allows owners to receive and interact phone notifications on the notebook, as well as send files between the two. The book settings tool provides pen options and battery life extender tools, which restricts the battery by charging the previous 85 percent, which Samsung claims “helps in lifting the battery life.”

Of course, we get general toughness on the Windows 10 PC (Candy Crush Soda Saga, Minecraft, Sling) in the Galaxy Book.

Configuration options

An entry level 12-inch Galaxy Book includes the 7th Gen Core i5-7200U CPU, 4GB RAM, and 128 GB SSD. You can buy this machine with LTE connectivity from Verizon for $ 1,299 or with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage, we recommend for configuring $ 1,329

Ground level

The Samsung Galaxy Book on any laptop as well as a keyboard that is good for typing, provided you have found a hard surface. If only this machine lasts longer, at better or lower cost in your lap, it would be more exciting.

If you want to save money, then you can switch to the $ 659 Switch Alpha 12, which includes a lot of RAM and storage in the form of a Galaxy Book of $ 1, $ 329, but low battery life and a lot of more dual The screen provides. Nevertheless, the Samsung handset owner will find his best option with a Galaxy Book in search of a detachable laptop.

But if you are not trying to Samsung’s ecosystem, and you can wait to make your purchase, then you would like to see how the upcoming Surface Pro turns out.


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