Samsung Galaxy C10 Smartphone In Launch India, Release Date


Samsung Galaxy C10 will be the company’s first smartphone with dual rear camera setup. Now a perceived picture of this smartphone is revealed. In this picture, this phone is seen in every day every day so the dual, ear camera is also visible in the rear part of the phone.

Samsung Galaxy C10

With this, let us know that, just recently some information about a large variant of this smartphone was revealed. Its large variant will be known as Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus.

According to earlier reports, the model number SM-C9100 of the Samsung Galaxy C10 has been placed, the model number of the Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus is SM-C9150 / SM-C9158. In both fonts, AI Assistant Bixby and a Dedicated Bixby button will be present.

According to the rumors so far, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset may be present in the Samsung Galaxy C10. There may also be an Adreno 512 GPU. Also it can be, present with 6GB of RAM. There can be a 6-inch big display.

Samsung Galaxy C10 Smartphone In Launch India

it is clear from many leaks that the Samsung Galaxy C10 will be the first Samsung phone with a Samsung phone in which two cameras will be set up. Many of you probably believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be the first handset to be equipped.

So that they can be equipped. On the second day, we showed you the sketches of the galaxy C10 which showed a dual camera setup backwards; today we can show you a nice looking picture of the Galaxy C10 in Gulab Gold. This confirms that a pair of camera sensors will be brought back to the unit.

While the picture does not give us a complete look behind the model, it tells us enough to conclude that the fingerprint scanner will be embedded on the Home button in front of the device. While the last glasses are unknown, we have heard that Snapdragon is less than 660 SOC hood. It includes the Octa-core CPU and the Adreno 512 GPU.

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The information discovered yesterday revealed that Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus will also be there, and both phones will support Auxiliary Assistant Bixby. In fact, both models come with dedicated Binsby buttons which quickly activates the assistant.


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