Samsung Galaxy Note 7R Smartphone Images, Android 7.0 Nougat


Samsung has already confirmed that it will launch a sophisticated model of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R. Which will be soon. Now, a new set of images has been leaked online. Which the lowercase letter ‘R’ is shown, which is for the newly formed model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R

Leaked images were obtained by Derohorholique. Which shows the front and back panels of the device. Although it looks like the Galaxy Note 7, under the rear panel, you can see an R-letter. This will help potential buyers to distinguish between the original and newly created models of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R.

Unknowingly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R has been named as the Galaxy Note 7R. However, a recent report revealed that the Smartphone can be named as the Galaxy Note EF. Where the EF is for Fan version. This model is reported to be released until the end of June.

Previously, Samsung Galaxy Note 7R was listed on a merchant website in China. UAN 3599 (about 33,551) Yuan 3999 (approximately Rs 37,280) claims to sell this device. Interestingly, some images were also leaked, which clearly shows the ‘R’ symbol on the rear panel to give a proper distinction from the original model.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R Smartphone Live Images Leaked Online

In addition, two types of Samsung Galaxy Note 7R are also offered to the company. One version will have a 3200 mAh battery, 300MH low battery capacity found on the original model for USM, European and Asia Pacific markets The other version will have a similar 3500 mAh battery. Which includes a modified small volume battery to prevent any explosions.

Meanwhile, a report from an investor says that sophisticated models are widely rumored to be about 50 percent cheaper than the original model. It has also been reported in the report that the smartphone is expected to play 3200 mAh battery and it will run on the latest Android 7.0 Nougat. While other specifications will remain the same.

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Samsung is working on the successor of ‘Vivid’ Note 7. Which has been given the name of Galaxy Note 8, which the company will launch in the coming months? In addition, South Korean mobile maker Galaxy Note 7 is also working on bringing. The upgraded version of the Dub – Note 7R, in which r might stand for ‘refresh’ or ‘refined’. Prior to the official announcement, the Note 7R has been subjected to several leaks, and for the first time online leaked online leaked images of leaks

Samsung Galaxy Note 7R Leaked Live Images has designed almost identically as Note 7, which was launched last year, but later in the year all units (more than 4 million) in the world were consumed worldwide Recalled after the incidents of the blasts. In leaked images, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7R looks in bright black color and the design details of both the front and rear panel of the handset are revealed. You can see the images given below.


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