Samsung Galaxy S8 Android Smartphone, Will Ship With AKG Earbuds

It would seem that Samsung Galaxy S8 has rebuilt two great phones. With the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, which is not very surprised to contemplate on their recent phones. You know Aside from that one, apart from that shock, Samsung has continued innovation to push the boundaries of hardware design. And they did this without removing headphone jack; in fact, the company is doubling the standard by including a pair of the ear in the box in the box. And not just the ‘pair’ of tomorrow’s buds, either.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Bundle with your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 plus, you will also get a $ 99 pair from AKG Earbuds, a renowned and reliable audio producer whose parent company Herman bought last year Samsung. With the construction of a half plastic and half hanging cloth, they are a mixture between those plastic cables. That’s what you get used to getting with the Smartphone and this is a lot more premium feeling, assuming that your Smartphone also came with headphones (I’m seeing you, Google).

Samsung Galaxy S8, Will Ship With AKG Earbuds

These headphones have some ear tips that shoot sound right in your ears. But they are not even better at living in your ears. Since these are free from the phone, therefore it is advisable to invest at least memory foam ear tips for better fit and noise allot because those who come with plastic are not all great.

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On a lighter note, the earbobs have a well-built control module made of a stiff plastic. But they have a lot of clicks on the button and you will never think that you will actually press it or not.

There is much more to come in the next few weeks and even months when it comes to putting the Samsung Galaxy S8 Android through the bell. But luckily it is not that it is not the case with earbobs.


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