Samsung Gear Fit Pro And Gear POP Will Be Unveiled At The Tizen Developer Event, Reports


Hallo, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Samsung Gear Fit Pro And Gear POP, The Samsung Gear Fit Pro Fitness Tracker and Samsung’s Gear Pop can be unveiled at the beginning of next week, such devices are signs that the device will be held in San Francisco on May 16 and May 17 at the Tizen Developer Conference Can be shown in. So there can be some solid information on both devices, so there is no longer long to go there.

Samsung Gear Fit Pro

In January, the giant tech company applied on the European Agency for Intellectual Property (EUIPO) for a trademark for Samsung Gear Fit Pro. So this latest rumor of the device being unveiled with the SM-R365 seems very reliable. is

In addition to this fact, the Gear Fit Pro will be some kind of wearable fitness band, at this stage, a little more is known about the device. However, there can be connections with cloud-based health tracking with the Slam band Health Platform. Which is the Samsung Gear Fit which was first announced for 2014 in the first place? At that time, a proof of concept using this platform was a reference to the wearable device. The device has an array of sensors.

Samsung Gear Fit Pro And Gear POP Will Be Unveiled

Which are not used in current health trackers, which collect and upload medical information? For example, it will be able to measure various aspects of oxygen levels, glucose levels, air quality and body temperature, as well as heart rate. After all, Samsung Gear Fit 2 is likely to be the successor of the fitness tracker. Which is equipped with the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Samsung Galaxy S8 with GPS sensor and Heart Rate Monitor? Calorie tracks, steps, distances, and more, and various types of activities such as walking, walking, and cycling

Along with this, another new Samsung device MW 2017, model number SM-R600 can also be seen with gear pop. However, at this point, there is less information about this product compared to Gear Fit Pro. Although this new rumor is certainly interesting. But it is telling that Samsung will now be shown in the Tezon program next week or it has not been discussed because. it should now be taken according to salt utensils. Hopefully, though, there will be more news to come before too much time.

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It seems that the Texan Developer Conference (TDC) 2017. Which is happening next week, may be more interest than we thought. We have already informed about the exclusive Cezanne developer device cheaper and have provided additional information about the conference. Now, people of Sambóbil can be unveiled on this event, as Samsung’s new fitness tracker, possibly called Gear Fit Pro.

Samsung Gear Fit Pro

Samsung has already trademarked the name, Sammobile Gear Fit Pro. But there is not much information at this point, apart from this, model number SM-R365 can be taken. The wearable device can also link to Samsung’s Symbian Health Forum Which will enable cloud-based health tracking.

Samsung has reported two fitness trackers, including Gear Fit Pro and Gear Pop, to launch a new product lineup in a recognizable category. Which will be run on its Tainan operating system, the company will organize the Tezan Developer Conference on May 16 and May 17. This will be in San Francisco, California where it will announce the upcoming smart wearable.

According to a report from Sambobal, the company will announce the fitness tracker going as the Gear After Pro, which takes the SM-R365 model number. While the Gear POP will have a model number SM-R 6600. However, a lot is known about upcoming wearable. But it has been mentioned in the report that it might be linked to Samsung’s Symbian Health Forum.

Unpredictable, the Symbian focuses on health tracking technologies through the cloud for health platforms. It was started in 2014 and the company has also shown a wearable device in which the heart rate, oxygen level, body temperature, glucose levels The ability to measure different metrics, including the quality of the air, and more.

Although there is no information about Gear Fit Pro. it is likely to be the successor of the Samsung Gear Fit 2. The fitness tracker was started in India. With a price of Rs 13,990 last year. Gear Fit 2 has 1.5 inches curved Super AMOLED display, 4GB memory, GPS. Accelerometer, Giro sensor, Barometer and a built-in music player. On display. The fitness band helps users track their sleep patterns, such as other activities such as walking, cycling etc.


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