Samsung LG Working Report Of Edge Curved Display


Samsung LG  is working on a display. Which can be curved on all four sides, according to a report in Korean media. Which demonstrates that display companies are trying to deal with many issues when they go for full-fledged forts are there.

Samsung LG

Earlier reports claim that the apple is facing problems with the display, and is unable to embed the fingerprint scanner under the glass. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S8. The fingerprint scanner was taken behind the phone. Which has faced some criticisms?

According to Korea’s Netnews report, Samsung LG  Display, are looking for efforts to ensure a new lamination process technology which can allow all four curved edges. It has been stated in the report that in existing display technology, companies are facing problems in the process. Where all the four sides of the exhibition cannot be curved to make edges.

Samsung LG working Report

It states that in full-screen smartphones (no badges up or down), the edge panel will be applied to all sides. In the report, the next generation from Samsung LG will claim that there will be a “four-way front-full screen.

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Let’s not forget Xiamami Mi Mix is a phone that can get rid of all four beers. The company had taken the front camera down the device and removed. It with the traditional speaker, which you are seeing on a regular phone.

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy S8, S8 + in India, which features a new Infinity Display which is curved on both sides and is not at all in it. In LG’s case, in the G6. The company is called the ‘Full Vision‘ performance which comes with the narrow bezel in the side, and there is a new 18: 9 aspect ratio to look at. In Galaxy S8, the ratio of viewing is 18: 5.9.


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