Top 5 Free Screen Recording Tools For Mac


It’s a common misunderstanding to think that you need to pay top dollar for quality screen recording tools. For example, you could be a gaming streamer, tutorial Youtuber or a college professor that can’t afford such expensive programs.

Luckily, there are plenty of screen recorders available for download that don’t require you to spend a single penny. Below, Bradley Shaw from goes over details behind the top five free programs for Mac screen recording.

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Screen Recording tools

Best Screen Recording Tools for Mac to Record Screen

Open Broadcaster (OBS)

Open Broadcaster, or OBS, is one of the most popular screen recorders among gamers today and can be used to record high-quality presentations and tutorials. You can easily upload recorded videos to Twitch or YouTube via the program.

OBS is able to record your desktop for HD quality playback at full resolutions including 1280 x 720 or 1920 x 1280. It additionally has options that you can customize for recording gameplay which also counts towards open and running windows.

There are multiple themes to choose from along with color filters for correcting the visual quality of your videos.

After recording, your video recording can be saved in multiple formats such as MP4, AVI, and MOV files. While OBS can record at a high frame rate, it can be tricky to get used to. Some users may have to make some tweaks here and there to get it right.

Other than this, it’s an ideal screen recorder for those that are a little more tech savvy.

Quicktime Player

Quicktime Player act as a full-featured media player and application framework. It’s also a screen recorder and is a default application on Mac systems, known as one of the most simple screen recorders available.

Quicktime Player is great for users who aren’t too familiar with advanced options. No matter if you’re a beginner or experienced user, the interface is user-friendly and easy to get used to.

To record a video, you just launch the program, click the file menu, and select “new screen recording.” From there, you press the red button and start recording anything you’d like.

You can also record voiceovers during the recording by using the “line-in” feature and can choose to either show or hide the mouse cursor. You can customize export formats if you don’t want your videos saved in .mov files by default.


Monosnap is a program that lets you take screenshots and record your screen at full resolution.

You can both edit and annotate videos from within the program itself and it’s easy to share videos on Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and other social media applications. There are plenty of features to customize to make your video look high-quality.

These include adjusting the capture area, assigning hotkeys, scheduling screenshots, highlighting details while recording, and cropping. You can highlight important details in your videos with a pen, text, arrows, and shapes. The blur tool is also available to use to cover private information.

Monosnap additionally has a feature where you can add webcam videos to your recordings and have the system’s audio or microphone audio record at the same time. Applications like Evernote or Dropbox are easily compatible for sharing recordings and captures with your friends.


Apowersoft offers simple recording to record all kinds of activities on your screen. These can be live gameplay, self-demonstration, video streams, and a lot more. Its flexible design allows you to capture your screen with ease and less frustration.

Because this program is web-based, you don’t have to worry about downloading anything. Also, unlike other screen recorders, Apowersoft doesn’t limit how long you record. This lets you save entire TV shows, movies, or long class lectures for viewing later.

You can customize the area you’d like to record or capture the whole screen. The recorder can also be used to record via your computer’s webcam.

Video and audio can be recorded at the same time to avoid difficult syncing during editing. Annotations with lines, texts, and highlights can be added as you’re recording. You can save videos to your local drive, on iCloud, or just send a link through your social networks.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream screen recorder is a tool that supports full HD recording and screenshot capturing. It can highlight and animate your mouse cursor wherever you click. This feature makes it a good tool for quick presentations or online tutorials.

You can effortlessly select and capture any area of your screen to record. The easy-to-use interface gives you plenty of options for quality screen recording with audio.

While recording or taking a screenshot, you can draw or add arrows for highlighting important details. You can even add your own watermark to officially brand your videos. Save screenshots to the clipboard to share them instantly.

For a more professional look, you can use the “zoom in” tool while recording which can come in handy for instructional videos.

Be mindful that the free version of Icecream has a few limitations. These include five-minute restrictions, 4 GB maximum files, and WebM save formats, which might require file conversion.

Final Word

Not everyone can afford fancy screen recorders that have hundreds of fancy features. Some might not even use more than three features at a time which can be a waste of an expensive program.

There’s plenty of free software out there for easy Mac screen recording. They usually offer features that can make your videos look high-quality and professional.

The above programs should provide a means to record gameplay, presentations, or instructional videos with ease.


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