Simple Ways to Reduce Your Reliability on Technology


Simple Ways to Reduce Your Reliability on Technology – Can you go a day without using your smartphone? Are you able to explore new places without your GPS? Technology is an essential part of our lives and it has simplified various tasks. The rise of the Internet has evolved globally and most people, young and old, rely on it daily. However, this dependence on technology has its downsides. Your brain suffers because you do not put it to work. Hence, it becomes dull since your mind is not challenged. Most students opt to buy dissertation instead of putting in the time and effort. Could this be as a result of over-dependence on technology?

Research shows that technology is taking over human interaction in various aspects. Therefore, we need to protect our humanity, more so, our brains. One of the simple ways to counter this is to learn to stop being tech dependent. You can think for yourself, calculate basic mathematics, spell, go out and make real friends, travel and get lost without GPS. Do something basic without technology.

There are other simple methods to reduce reliability on technology, so read along.

Your Reliability on Technology

Simple Ways to Reduce Your Reliability on Technology

Read a book

Get a physical book to read and not an e-book. What happened to traditional reading culture? Technology happened. Yes, and with that came the emergence of digital books, blogs, and online newspapers. It is convenient though, to read on your smartphone or tablet, but you are more likely to get distracted. You might be tempted to check social media updates or read something else instead. Furthermore, your concentration level may be compromised due to reading snippets of information here and there. Therefore, create time and read a book or a newspaper. Your mind will thank you.

Read aloud

Technology has also brought about the emergence of audio books. They are great and time-saving, especially when you are driving to work and in need of some inspirational audio. However, chances of you zoning out are high because of the outward interference. The best way to engage your brain is to read your preferred books aloud, either with a friend or in a book club. Also, if you have a child, make it a habit of reading children story books aloud.

Avoid texting when you can

Texting has become the most common form of communication in the digital world. Most people prefer texting instead of calling or visiting each other. This habit compromises verbal communication and social interaction skills. Therefore, avoid texting your loved one by calling them instead. It has a more positive impact. When going out for social meetings, ensure that you make real conversation instead of being fixated on your phone.

Use your brain to calculate

Technology has encouraged laziness such that, you cannot be able to calculate simple mathematics in your head. Why should you think when you can just pull out your smartphone? It is advisable to try to use what you were taught in school to keep your brain challenged. This way you will reduce dependency on technology.

Buy a wrist watch

If you don’t have a wrist watch, please make sure that you buy one. Stop using your phone to tell time. This is because wearing a wrist watch reduces reliability on using your phone every time.


You need to live a little. Therefore, leave your devices behind and go for a road trip either with your family or friends. Do not use GPS for direction; instead, create a mental map to get you around. Even though you might get lost or discover new routes along the way, your brain will lead you through instincts and sensory dispositions.

Human interaction

Technology has affected the way people interact with each other. Most people are fixated on their devices preferring to text and chat rather than hold a regular conversation in person. You need to make real friends, explore new ideas from your colleagues or friends. This will improve your communication and social skills while stimulating your brain positively. Therefore, you should consider attending social events or volunteer groups where you can interact with different people.

Limit use of technology

It is healthy to limit technology usage since it prevents addiction. You can decide to choose a tech-free day at least once a week. Ensure that you have no Internet access by leaving your smartphone, laptop and other devices at home. Try to go for a walk or the movies, explore a hobby you love and enjoy living without technology. Explore the benefits of nature because it is quite therapeutic and it can help you relax away from the pressures of your daily life. This will reduce your reliability and encourage you to interact more. Also, spending some time alone can boost your mental wellness.

Find an interesting activity

When you are too dependent on technology, you tend to feel stuck. Your mind revolves around the Internet and you can’t think of engaging in a constructive activity. Therefore, revive your old hobbies or find an interesting activity to engage in. This will distract you from being dependent on technology since your mind is busy with positive energy.

Fitness routine

Are you a couch potato with technology at your disposal? This is a recipe for disaster since exercise is the last thing on your mind. Research shows that exercise stimulates your mind and is important in forming new cells in the brain. Therefore, ditch your laptops, smartphones, and tablets, and hit the gym running.

Reducing your reliability to technology does not necessarily mean that you throw away your devices. It simply encourages moderation and self-discipline in usage which enables you to live a happy, balanced life.

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