Smartron SRT Phone Review, Specifications, Features

Startup Smartron has started for a year, but so far the company has only offered three products. Since 2016, the company has given many great names to the tech industry. In the company, Sachin Tendulkar has joined as an investor and is the company’s brand ambassador. Earlier, we have tested the Smartphone SRT Phone and T.Phone. And according to the initial product, this product is not bad, but according to the market, the company needs to make many preparations.

SRT Phone

Smartron SRT phone is the second smartphone of the company and the company’s target is the mainstream customer. With an initial price of Rs. 12,999, T.Phone is a very affordable smartphone. We will test a more robust version of this phone, which has more RAM and storage but its cost is less than Rs. 15,000.

We think that many people would like SRT phones in the beginning because Smartron says the phone is inspired by Sachin Tendulkar. But is it fair to buy the phone? Let’s learn in the review.

Smartron SRT phone design and build quality

SRT phone comes with a standard candle design but it has curved edges and edges for convenient grip. The plastic body looks strong. The battery is non-removable, but two nano sim slots can be accessed by removing the rear cover of the phone, although this is a bit difficult to do. Gray colors do not look very good, but due to a matte finish, fingerprints do not get too much.

Talk about the front To phone has a 5.5-inch full-HD display with Gorilla Glass 3. The brightness level of the display is very good, making it easy to use the phone in daylight. Viewing angle and color reproduction are also good. Below the display, there are three backlit dots that work as an Android navigation button. You have the option to enable the onscreen button by going to the settings apple. Above, ambient light and proximity sensor but no notification LED have been given.

The volume on the right in the phone is convenient to run the rocker button, but the power button at the top is very strange and it is also difficult to use it. It is a good thing that you will use most fingerprint sensors to unlock the phone, but still, it is better to give it to the left side. Apart from this, there is no ‘double tap’ gesture to activate the screen.

Smartron SRT phone Overview

The camera is flat on the rear of the phone and the signature and branding of smartphones can be seen everywhere on the device. The fingerprint sensor is easy to use and it quickly recognizes fingers. There was no problem unlocking the phone from the sensor during our use. Like many other smartphones, you can not use the fingerprint sensor to lock the app and file. A USB Type-C connector is provided with the speaker grill on the lower edges of the phone.

In the retail box, you get an 18watt adapter with a phone that comes with Qualcomm’s Quick Charged Standard Support. Apart from this, a type-c cable and some guidelines are available. Smartron has also given some launch offers. Customers will also get an extra cover with Sachin Tendulkar.

Overall, the texture of SRTphone is good and it fits well in hand. The phone weighs 155 grams and is 8.9 millimeters thick, it is easy to keep it in a pocket. The phone does not look very handsome and the user will have to add it to the power button to give it a strange place, but if you leave it then there is no big problem on the phone.

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Smartron SRT phone specifications and software

Better specifications are given in SRTphone. This phone has Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 processor and we’ve reviewed the variants of 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage. It does not disappoint with the Expandable Storage option in the phone, but there is enough space for most of the phone to use. Talking about the second specification, there are features like Bluetooth 4.1, Dual-Band Wi-Fi AC, USB OTG, FM Radio, and GPS. SRT phone supports NFC which can be called a great feature in this price segment. There are also many sensors including gyroscopes in the phone. The phone supports 4G with VOLTE on all Indian bands.

SRT phone

Smartron has not tampered with Android and we love this thing very much. The phone runs on Android 7.1.1 and claims to have an Android O update in the phone. The stock launcher given in the phone looks like a pixel phone. But this phone has an app drawer button. On the right side, Google Now page opens and Google Assistant is also given. In App Drawer, recently installed apps appear first but there is no way to change the app icon according to the order of the letter.

Tron.x App

Smartron has given the Microsoft Office suite of office suites that cannot be uninstalled. Good thing, there are not many apps on the phone. In addition to the phone, there is a custom gallery and tron.x app. Tron.X is the security feature of a job, which is necessary to reset the phone or login after the theft.

There are three sections of the trondoxtax app – tistore, tecloud and taker. With Tistore you can buy products like other smartphones and accessories. And from Tecloud, Smartron’s Cloud Storage service provides unlimited backup space to store contact, message photos and videos. It keeps sinking for a short time, but you can also manually sync if needed. Right now, the DCIM folder made for photos and videos in the phone is synced and we have no way to sync another folder. Last, you can chat with a representative for a question and call or email from TCare.

A section is given for gestures in the settings app, but only one option is available right now. And pressing the power button twice, the bapp opens.

Smartron SRT phone Performance, Camera, and Battery Life

Nearly all the tests from SRTphone received good performance. At last, we got 80,790 points on the phone and 35 frames per second in the GFXbatch. 3D games such as NOVA Legacy and default 8 run smoothly without any problems. The phone’s performance has been good due to the stock Android phone and the interface is also clean. Multitasking is also good on the phone. The incoming call through earpiece was of quality and we did not have any sort of hotness on the phone. When shooting video on the edge of the frame or heating the camera gets hot during use, but there is no such problem during normal use.

SRT phone

Having great playback experience in has media playback fun. The good sound comes from the given single speaker on the side, but the sound sounds weak when external noise is occurring. Audio coming from headphones is good but no audio enhancement feature is provided.

The camera most disappointed at the SRT phone. The 13-megapixel rear camera comes with PDAF and aperture F / 2.0, so focusing in daylight is not very bad and due to a wide aperture, the macro shot gets Bokeh effect. However, the quality of the pictures remains very high. Landscape images taken in daylight are lacking in depth. The closeup shots come very flat and the sunlight looks overpowered. Focus Speed remains bad. The sensor of 5-megapixel sensor comes in the light of day, but the quality is not very good in case the light is not good.

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With Good Camera And Battery Life

The camera app is well-designed and has auto-HDR, scene mode, filter and ratio control left to the user. While the shooting mode is on the right side. With manual mode, you can control shutter speed and ISO, but this setting is not visible in real time in View Finder. Apart from this, Auto HDR also does not always work, so it will be better to manually select HDR mode if needed.

Up to 4 videos can be recorded from the phone (up to 10 minutes at a time) and the quality is really good. Slow motion mode helps and time lapse video mode is also of use.

The phone has 3000 mAh battery, but its performance in our HD Video Loop Test is not very good. We were able to run the phone only for 8 hours and 43 minutes. During the actual use, the phone could run for a whole day. Good thing, the phone’s battery supports Quick Charge 2.0 so the battery does not take too much time to charge.

Our decision

Smartphone has done a great deal for the second time too. SRT phone is a hand’s free handset providing performance, except for camera performance. Spending 14,000 rupees for a phone which are more powerful than Honor 6X and Moto G5 Plus, is not bad. SRT phones have good screens, build quality is strong (despite being plastic) and app performance is also very good. On the other hand, it is not the best-looking phone in its price segment and the phone’s battery life could be improved.

SRT phone is a good option, the Honor and Moto smartphones also have their own features, which are also good alternatives. But, if you want a better UI, then the Honor 6X can be better, and with the nought update rollout, there is also a hope to improve the performance of the system. If you like stock Android but you want a good camera then the Moto G5 Plus (review) will be better for you. If you choose Smartron SRT phone, then you pay more for 64 GB variants, because there is no alternative to expandable storage in the phone.


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