How to Set Any Song as iPhone Ringtone [iPhone Custom Ringtone]?


Indeed setting your likely song as iPhone ringtone is quite easy. So the users don’t chaos with some other information. When you need to customize any song as a ringtone for your iPhone which is presented on the iTunes will take some steps to make. Most of the users can’t get the accurate method to allocate specific songs to your favorite contacts.

Perhaps some slight complexity will occur while providing songs as a ringtone because of the presence of iTunes. But don’t mess folks turn a song into a ringtone is fair even via iTunes onwards. The possibility to make a song as ringtone in iPhone without the use of iTunes is quite difficult since Apple updated iTunes and removed other Tones.

iPhone Ringtone

Among several restrictions on the iPhone setting any songs as a ringtone is one of the common frustrations that iOS users have more difficulties. Even Apple offers numerous types of default ringtones but the satisfaction of turning songs into ringtone is awesome. Besides every iPhone users prefer that alone then only more audio files and funny song clips can be created. Those created custom ringtones can be used on both of your iPhone or iPad.

There may of many methods are available to make this process but even for this back-breaking condition, the below-mentioned steps are perfectly suits for the iPhone users to turn any song into ringtones there is some way to turn any kind of songs into your iPhone ringtone. Here the steps are:

Set Any Song as iPhone Ringtone

Step 1:

First of all, you need to hook up your iPhone into your computer and then open the iTunes window on the computer

Step 2:

After that search for the option of Songs which is available in the sidebar. When you click on the iphone ringtones remix it will show the music library it consists of all the songs which get synchronized on your iPhone

Step 3:

Now you have to look for the song which you like to turn into your iPhone ringtone then right-click on that particular song and go to Song Info.

Step 4:

A dialog box will open on the screen in that go to the Options tab and check on the ‘start’ and ‘stop’ boxes. Here you need to initial and ending time duration of the song which you want to turn into a ringtone or else make use of the audio file. If you completely finish the ringtone process then click OK.

Step 5:

After that go to the music library pick the song and then go to File > Convert > Create.

In case if you face any issue in the songs which has AAC format while making that song into your iPhone ringtone then try out these steps.

AAC file format:

Step 6:

Now you need to right-click on a song and choose Song Info. In that Song Info, an option of File tab which is presented next to Kind label is available where you can see numerous iphone 6 ringtones song file formats.

Step 7:

Here switch to AAC version by means of creating it via right-clicking on the selected song then click on create AAC version. Hereby you have two sets of songs that are original and AAC version in your music library. So to avoid mess you have to change the title of the AAC version song since you can identify it quickly.

After the convert of original song into AAC version, you have to append the AAC version song m4r extension so that it can be used as a ringtone. For that, you have to select the AAC format song from the music library then right click on the song where you have to select Show in Finder option.

Or else you can also make use of the Info menu in that Name and Extension option is available where you can change song file type as .m4a and then click on the save then only it will change.

Step 8:

The Show in Finder will direct you into iTunes window iphone ringtone maker here the song which you have edited will be presented. In case if the song has .m4a extension then you need to change that extension as .m4r extension along with the song file name.

Step 9:

So now go to iTunes folder and then click on your device icon in the top left corner

Step 10:

Click on the Tones option

Step 11:

Drag the created .m4r song file from iTunes folder and then place it on the Tones pane in iTunes. In case of the Tones, the pane is not visible then drops the song file into the On My Device section in the sidebar. By this, a new Tones section will appear which holds all the ringtones on your iPhone.

Step 11:

If the ringtone appeared on the iTunes then automatically that song will transfer to your iPhone

If not then click on the iPhone icon following that goes to Tones ->Sync Tones-> selected Tones-> and the selected your tone and sync your device.

Step 12:

Finally look for the option of Setting in your phone in that go to Sound and by following that Ringtones. In that option, you need to pick your newly created song available in the list. These steps are applicable to turn any custom songs into ringtones from iphone ringtone free download using iTunes library.

Steps to Delete Unwanted Custom Ringtones:


Connect your iPhone into your computer.

Step 2:

And then open the iTunes but to make this process you need to have the latest version of iTunes so make sure that you have the latest version before doing

Step 3:

After going to the iTunes look for the Tones option which is presented in the left sidebar of iTunes click on Tones under your device’s name.

Step 4:

Either you can use control-click or right-click the tone that you want to delete and then click delete tone. Thus the ringtone will be deleted from your music library permanently and so it will not present in that anymore.

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