Sony Playstation 5 Will Come With The Awesome Gaming Experience


Hi, Friends welcome to the Mirchitech blog. Today I want to share something special with you, and it is Sony Playstation 5 Will Come with the Awesome Gaming Experience. Console generations typically have a long gap between their lifespan, ensuring maximum sales and providing the companies enough time to actually create an amazing system. The PlayStation 1 and 2 had six years between them, and the PlayStation 3 added another six years before it launched. However, while the PlayStation 4 Pro only came out a few months ago, analysts are already predicting that the PlayStation 5 could debut as soon as 2018.

Playstation 5

With the ever changing landscape of the video game industry, the future of consoles has been somewhat uncertain of late. Questions with regard to console generation and consoles, have been in the mind of analysts, with some saying that the game boxes would emulate how the PC market works. Damian Thong of Macquarie Capital Securities predicts otherwise, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Sony Playstation 5 Features and Specs

With Sony there is just no saying what the Playstation 5, when it is actually rolled out into the market by the company.The actual list of specifications but one thing which is for certain is the new console is surely slated to redefine console gaming on a whole new level. What has naturally expected from the new console are advancements from its predecessor starting from VRcompatible. Full HD 4K resolution, the latest AMD chip set to 1700 pixel HD video support – upcoming PS5 will perform better processor for faster performance.

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Now, these are only the things we are expecting and considering the fact that there Is still more than a year for the PS5 to roll out, further specifications are so good as any console which we will be expecting to materialize. All of us are.

About  Playstation 5

Thong’s remarks are not to be take lightly as he has an established track record for foreseeing trends. For example, he correctly stated that Sony would be releasing a PlayStation 4 Pro. Then again, it’s worth noting that even if he is right in his predictions, it’s unlikely for the Japanese company to reveal anything until at least next year’s E3.

Ever since Sony launched the PS4, the gameing console lovers have already started inquiring about PS5. PS4 sales were so huge that it became the best selling console in the UK at launch with over 250,000 consoles sales within few days. This numbers are enough to tell how much people love Playstation. now they have huge expectation from PS5 as compared to other console.

There’s also the fact that the current trend that both Microsoft and Sony are following to indicate that the previous rules were long since thrown out the window. Slash Gear reports. As a result, it really wouldn’t be all that surprising if the PS5 really does end up making an appearance at E3 2018.

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Now, one of the reasons that the media is citing with regards to the motivations behind the early release of a next generation console is the launch of the Xbox One Scorpio. Currently branded as the single most powerful gaming console in the market. There is a good reason for Sony to feel some pressure to respond.

However, considering how well the PS4 has and continues to perform in sales. It’s worth taking this prediction with a sizable grain of salt. There’s a reason why Rockstar hasn’t released Grand Theft Auto 6 after all; GTA V is still making a lot of money and enjoying a lot.


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