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Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and control children and workers. There is always a chance and probability that your children are misusing the technology. And given the societal condition of the current society, you are bound to give android phones to your wards. But wisdom lies in the fact in giving them the android phones but availing a monitoring service in order to monitor the usage of the android phones.

There are various kinds of spy applications that are available in the market. These applications need to be installed in the android phones. Using these applications you can effectively monitor the ways in which your ward and worker is using the mobile phone. Every social activity and application installed in the android can be monitored.

Snoopza Spy App

Why use spy applications?

You can use spy applications for the following purposes:

  • Monitor the mobile usage of your children and workers.
  • You can keep a track of the way the social media applications effectively.
  • You can even record calls and text messages sent from the android phone.
  • Even calls made using Skype and other video calling applications could also be monitored and recorded by you.

Types of spy applications

There are various kinds of spy applications available in the market. These are applications which are freely downloadable although some require payments to be made too. The easily available spy applications for the android that are available in the market are as follows:

  • Ear Agent: Super Hearing Aid
  • SMS Tracker
  • Snoopza
  • Wire Tap
  • Spy Message
  • Call Tracker
  • SpyChat

It must be noted that this is not an exhaustive list and there are many more spy applications available in the market. However, among all these applications used to spy the usage of the android phone, Snoopza is by far the best.

How to use Snoopza?

  • Create an account with Snoopza: the first step towards using Snoopza is creating an account. You need to sign up with Snoopza using your email id and any password. You need not pay a single dime while creating your account.
  • Installation of the application: The next thing that you are required to do is to install the Snoopza application in your child’s mobile phone. This installation does not require much time and you could finish this off in a few seconds.
  • Logging in to the created account: The next step that you need to complete is logging in to the account created by you. Once you are able to successfully log in to the online account created by you, you would be able to track the calls, text messages and also keep a record of the web history.

How useful is Snoopza?

  • Call tracking: Spy app by is very useful in tracking the calls made from the android phone. Not only tracking, but you can also keep a record of the exact time when the call was made. You can even monitor the missed calls.
  • Recording: With Snoopza, you can also record the conversation made during the calls.
  • Monitoring text messages: This spy application is able to save the text messages sent from as well as received in the android phone.
  • Track social media activities: Using Snoopza spy application, you can keep an eye on the social media activities proceeded from the android phone.
  • Other benefits: Snoopza spy app can also be used to take screen shots, manage the photo gallery and various other tracking purposes.

Snoopza is one of the few spy applications that can be used for multiple purposes and is thus the best spy application available in the market.


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