How to Take Backup of Android Phone on Google Cloud?


Did you know about this day “World Backup Day”? This day is held on the 31st March because geeks across the internet were sharing pointers on making sure that your personal information on the computer doesn’t get lost in an inappropriate accident.

So today, in this article we are going to solve your entire problem which is related to your personal data on your device which can be lost due to some accident. So, we are here to tell you some methods to protect your personal data on your device.

How to Take Backup of Android Phone on Google Cloud?

How to Take Backup of Android Phone on Google Cloud?

There are some methods to protect your important data. The method is- on your computer’s hard drive. But on the other hand, there are some users who would like the comfort that the cloud gives them. It’s being prepared, on the second level. You don’t need to worry about your phone, and even you don’t have to worry about your computer. Furthermore, Cloud-based backups permit you to access your data through many other devices and even you can access your data from wherever you are.

The whole information which you stored in Cloud it means that you don’t need to rely on wires to get that information back on your Android Device. You can simply connect to the internet then connect to your cloud server of choice, and take your personal data back on your Android device.

Stay with us to know about “how to backup your Android phone to the cloud”.

Backing Up To Your Google Account

The Android device provides you one of the effective advantages and that is you can easily connect your Android device with your Google account. It means that you don’t have to worry about leaving your bookmarks on either your computer or your phone and having to go without them. What happens is Google’s linking to your device ensures that all your device data is secure and easy for you to access. Linking your device with Google is so simple to back your phone data up with your built settings of the phone.

If you want to keep your contacts, system settings, apps, calendar and email data on your Google account. Simply, you have to follow the given points:

  • First, go to the “settings”.
  • Then tap on the “Privacy” Button.
  • Check the boxes for “Back up my settings” and “Automatic Restore”.
  • At last, you have to make sure that under the Backup account you specify the Google account that you want to backup data for.

After performing this procedure, you have to go back to the Settings and select the option of Account & Sync, then tap on the Google account you want to sync, and then see all the option which is available there. So, this way your data will be stored in your Google account which is very easy to access.


For the users who are using Android device which is Android 2.2 and higher, Google provides you one amazing service and that is, it permits you to upload photos and videos automatically. Enable the option of instant upload and any photo or video whichever you like, it will automatically upload to a private album on Google+ called from the phone and you don’t have to worry about your personal photos because they are only visible to you. But on the other hand, if you would like to share them, you can share them easily from your phone or from the web.

When you sign-in to your Google account, then you’re prompted to enable or disable Instant Upload. But in case you were not able to enable Instant Upload, then you can enable that easily. For that only you have to go Menu > Settings.

There are some free apps, which also can automatically save your recent photographs from your phone gallery. These apps are called third party sites. There are few apps which we are mentioned below:

  • Photobucket Mobile
  • Flickr Companion
  • Picasa Tool

What these apps do is, they automatically upload newly snapped pictures to your account and keep them secure.

Android Apps for Backups

InDefend Mobile Backup

InDefend Mobile Backup is an application that permits you to easily backup your information, like your contacts, call logs, text messages and your calendar, to the cloud. It is also possible to restore them automatically from the Cloud. But for this, you have to create inDefend Mobile Backup account to access your inDefend Mobile Backup features and cloud content.

InDefend Mobile Backup is available on the Google Play Store, which is absolutely free for you.

SMS Backup+

If, you have some types of important text messages and you don’t have that much time to waste writing them down. So for this problem, we have come with a solution and that is there is an app which is called SMS Backup+. This app is absolutely free of cost and it automatically sends you SMS threads to Gmail and stores them under the label “SMS”. Not only has this, SMS Backup+ also backed up MMS and call log entries. SMS Backup+ also permits you to restore all your SMS and Call logs, but sadly restoring MMS in your Android Device is not possible yet, but maybe in future they will resolve this issue.

You can download SMS Backup+ from Google Play Store and it is absolutely free of cost. You don’t have to pay any single bucks for using this amazing app.

SanDisk Memory Zone

SanDisk Memory Zone permits you to backup files and apps from SD card of your phone to a cloud storage provider. This app is free of cost. SanDisk Memory Zone from the world-renowned maker of flash memory cards can help you to backup to and restore from the following supported services:

  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • Google Docs
  • Picasa
  • SugarSync
  • Facebook

When you installed this app on your Android device, then it will scan your SD card and internal memory of your phone when you first time run this app. You will be allowed to select a cloud storage provider where you would like to backup your data.

SanDisk Memory Zone is available for free on the Google Play Store.


There are so many ways to backup your personal data. So, don’t wait for any accident. First backup your phone data because it doesn’t take a lot of time to do that.

So, Our Lovable Users, after reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of How to Take Backup of Android Phone on Google Cloud?

Thank you for staying with us till here. We are trying our best to provide you all the backup solutions for your Android Phone. We hope that this content will be helpful for you because we try to give you all the information as much as we can.

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