Timex IQ + Review, Specification, Fetuers And All About


Famous Clock-Brand Timex recently launched a Hybrid Wearable Device –Timex IQ + Move. The Times IQ + layout is a regular looking smartwatch with the extra capabilities of a fitness tracker. The price of IQ + move is 9,995 rupees, which is slightly higher than some of the competing brands such as Fitbit’s, Xiaomi, and others. We have been using the new Timex IQ + Hill for some time and here’s how to rent it in our tests.

Timex IQ +

If someone goes off the sale figures, it appears that before they can be adopted for mass adoption, wearable technology is still miles away, in addition to many wearable types of equipment in the market, fitness band them Looking for more buyers than other devices. This appeal is for health-conscious users, along with the fact that many of these devices are in the affordable category, they also work for them.

Timex IQ + Dimensions

Timex IQ + lev can be very easily mistaken for a regular analog clock. There is no sign of fitness band in this. The model we received came with a dark blue silicon band and was a matter of 41 mm circular metal with the main dial and had a small secondary dial to track daily progress. There is a crown on the side to set the time

For those who are used to wear clocks with rubber or silicon bands, it can not get much difference when using it. However, people who are used for metal and leather bands can be upset over time because silicon content makes the skin difficult to breathe. We appreciate it if the clock comes with a separate band.

Can the most wearables bother, the silicon band has the ability to attract dust and lint. However, it is best for a player or a person who works on a daily basis. It goes without saying that the Timex IQ + levis sweat and water resistant. It can also work under 50 meters of water. So you do not have to think twice before going for a swim.

Although the Timex has given its best shot to make IQ + move, looks like a classic analog watch. It is normally thicker than 13 mm because its large battery and a bunch of sensors fill in. The overall aesthetics are simple and minimal. There is no fancy conduit design or curved circular screen bezel on the case. And do not expect any smart features in it too.

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The Timex IQ + lecture demonstrates completely depends on your sensor and their accuracy. There is also a companion app where cumulative results collected by the fitness band are shown. Downloading the Timex Connect app and setting it is the Cakewalk Unfortunately, this is the only way that you can check your performance and if you have achieved the desired goals or not Looking at the sub-dial, how far away from the desired goal you can get some idea about yourself, but this is a rough estimate.

Timex IQ +

The Timex Connect app is available on both the App Store and Google Play and can be setup via Bluetooth. Like other fitness bands and smart watch, if you want to sync the band at any time with the app. You’ll need to connect the band to a smartphone or tablet at all times. But you can stay offline and sync IQ – manually proceed by connecting them to Bluetooth and pressing the crown of the fitness band for five seconds.

When setting up the app you are asked for the device that you are wearing. Set the dial on the clock, feed your name, gender, date of birth, height, weight and time of bed. What we liked is the fact that what you want to see o the dial, it is an option to optimize. For example, the second handle of the main dial can be configured to show one of the specific goals.


The sub-dial can either show you the goals covered by the goal or the distance of the stage. In addition to showing seconds, the second hand on the dial is also shown that it can be configured to cover the date, stages, and distance. Since this is always the case, you can set your own goals while setting up the companion app.

In the app for updates, a section called ‘Update for Updates’ is included, from where it gathers the new firmware version and lets users upgrade their fitness band from there. While the update is updated, the handset’s Bluetooth handset Should be kept in the range.

Timex IQ + Specifications

What can you leave in frustration is that there are no fluorescent dials to see in the Timex Q +. Lease in lowlight situations. However, the company has a baked solution for this. The fitness band comes with the company’s own Indigo Light Up Technology. Which exposes the background, light, seconds, minutes and sub-dial in the dial.

For the battery, the Timex IQ + levis going on for a long time because it will not bother you for months. Timex claims that the fitness band’s battery can last up to a year.


At the big time, Timex IQ + hub can only be another fitness band in the design department in the market. It is hidden in analog watch design and tracks each of its steps as accurately. As its rivals such as Fitbit Alta, Jobbo and others do, although the wearable does not embarrass its rivals. It certainly will not embarrass them. Manages to give a run for your money.

From the perspective of Indian users, theTimex IQ + move can not be worth a shot as a fitness band of touch screen display, notification alerts and more. Even if the price is not available. They can not be traditionally seen in the form of Timex IQ + Move. But they have shore at the cost and the work they are going to do.


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