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Hey there welcome to our blog. Moreover, here i want to share Top 10 best android applications of 2017. Android Applications biggest strength is its app ecosystem. There is a digital ton of Android Applications. People downloaded them billions of times.

Some of them cost money and some of them do not. Usually, the best Android Applications will cost you a few bucks. How, there are plenty of amazing options that do not cost you anything. Here is your chance to stock up on some truly excellent stuff. These are the best free Android Applications for Android!

top 10 application for android

About top 10 android applications


whatsapp AppWhatsApp, the ubiquitous chat app, has been installing on over one billion smart phones. In addition, it is always improving user experience, adding new features and becoming more secure. What makes it number one? Everyone uses it, simple as that. If you already use WhatsApp, then you should check out our favorite WhatsApp tips and tricks.

WhatsApp needs no real introduction. It is now the world’s most popular instant messaging service, and we love it to pieces. As a show of appreciation for WhatsApp and the joy it brings into our lives, we have decided to compile a comprehensive list of WhatsApp tips and tricks to help Android PIT readers get the most out of the app. Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about WhatsApp.


Telegram AppNo messaging app comes close to the number of users WhatsApp has, but there are some great alternatives out there. Telegram is one of them. The free app has end-to-end encryption, does group chats, and is a pioneer of chat bots. Unlike some other messengers, you can use it on multiple devices. Read our full review of Telegram.

Telegram is a free messaging app that is making life difficult for WhatsApp. It is developed without an eye for profit, instead placing your privacy and freedom first. In addition, the app is a lot of fun to use. In this review of Telegram, I will show you what I mean.

Es File Explorer

ES File ExploreIn light of the turn ES File Explorer has taken, we have tested out a few alternatives in search of a replacement. One app we have settled on is Solid Explorer. It is feature-rich and highly accessible thanks to a crisp Material Design UI. It also houses a very handy double-panel display that lets you navigate to two separate folders and drag a file across from one to the other. Integration with cloud services as if Google Drive, Drop box and One Drive, as well as FTP servers, make it a formidable all-in-one solution for managing your files.

Some of its other features include hidden folders, ZIP and RAR archive extraction, and customization through icons, color schemes, and themes. The app is free to try out for two weeks, and then you have the option to pay $2, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out and seeing what you think.


Fleksy appThis keyboard is one of the best for fast, accurate typing and it is our new company favorite. Many of us have adopted Fleksy because it is big, it is clever, and once you use it for a couple of hours, you realize how useful some of the smaller details are.

For example, most keyboards use a “press and hold delete key” gesture to delete words, Fleksy uses a super-quick backward swipe. Be sure check out some of the extensions like invisible keyboard too it works surprisingly well. Download it from the Play Store free now.


MorecastThere are plenty of weather apps available. They are more accurate and better looking than the ones that come pre-installed on your Android device.

MORECAST is our current favorite weather app here at because it has one of the best-looking interfaces, with a clear and sensible layout. It is also one of the most advanced apps of its kind, featuring such options as side-by-side weather comparisons for two cities, and accurate weather information for a particular route or journey. MORECAST, is the right way to make a Smartphone weather app, and best of all, it is free.


Apart from the obvious Google Maps, this is one of the very best. HERE is Nokia’s own map app, which it used on its devices once upon a time. It provides everything you would expect; including turn-by-turn navigation, search and satellite imagery, but the main draw is its offline feature. You can download maps of entire countries and use them almost exactly as you would online, without wasting precious MBs.

This is really an indispensable app if you travel a lot or frequently find your data usage going over the limit. The only downside is that you have to register to download maps, but it is very free, and once you have done it, you can go nuts and download the world.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File ManagerThe Amaze File Manager is free and easy it use. It has all the basic features you would expect: quick access to files, deleting, copying, moving, etc. Unfortunately, you cannot access data on your MicroSD card through the drop down menu; you must use the file tree. Amaze does not support cloud storage.

When looking in individual folders, you can toggle between list and table view. Amaze can create thumbnails for many file formats, but not for PDFs.

Best music player

WalkmanThe Walkman and the iPod are as good as dead, because our smart phones have taken over as powerful music players. While the default music apps on your Android device probably do a fine job, if you want to crank up the bass or other aspects of your music, you will need something more.

One of the best music player apps for Android is Power amp. It is a great way to enjoy your favorite music, with a ton of options and support for almost any type of file. You cannot go wrong with Power amp.

Novo Launcher

Novo LauncheriOS is a fierce rival to Android and offers a range of great apps and features, but it doesn’t offer everything that Android does. Nova Launcher is one of our favorite Android-exclusive apps because, in many ways, it underlines what is so great about Android.

Nova is an alternative launcher compatible with Android 4.1 onward. It lets you customize the entire look and feel of your operating system, from changes to font size, to the number of apps that can appear on the lock screen, to the way in which your app drawer scrolls. Nova Launcher is a prime example of how Android can be molding to suit individual tastes and preferences, in a way that iOS cannot.

If you wish, you could make a few simple changes to your current interface, and then give the free version of Nova a try. Nova even lets you adopt the look of any other phone – Galaxy, Xperia, HTC, LG, even iOS if that is your thing.

Photo Director

Photo DirectorPhoto Director is the whole package. It has everything you could possibly need to edit your photos. The tools range from simple text bubbles and filters, and they are all heavily adjustable, helping you gets the best out of your photos. It is for messing around on and seeing what you end up.

Cyber Link, a large Taiwanese multimedia software company, develops the app so they have the money to splash on an app, and it shows. Highly, recommended for novices and pros on the go alike.

Watching TV and Movies

hulu applicationHulu is an excellent app for watching movies and TV shows on Android. It is a free service that relies on ads, but there are some great shows available. You need to pay a subscription fee to access all of the content, but there is a range of excellent shows available without subscription, including classic US comedies such as Family Guy, Seinfeld, and South Park.

It is currently restricted to the US, but “Hopefully” we will see Hulu appearing in more territories soon.


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