Top Cloud Hosting Features that can make it Reliable


Your website needs a hosting plan that is reliable. By reliability, we mean a hosting plan that offers you maximum uptime, security and is easily scalable. It should be able to offer a contingency plan in the event of a data loss, manage security threats, back-ups and other aspects of hosting that otherwise would require your time and resources. Also, it should not cost you the proverbial ‘arm and leg’. Among all the different types of website hosting available, Cloud Hosting has earned the reputation of being the most reliable option. Let’s look at the top features that make Cloud Hosting really reliable:

Cloud Hosting

Automatic Failsafe

All website owners dread the possibility of the server going down. This is a major problem when the website is hosted on a single server. Cloud Hosting works on a network of virtual servers. Hence, there is no single point of failure. What this means is, if one server experiences a downtime, another one almost instantly replaces it.

Most providers offering reliable Cloud Hosting services deploy storage architectures like Ceph which have a failsafe mechanism built into them. With a 3N level of redundancy and inherent distribution, Ceph does not have a single point of failure. It replicates the data three times and is independent of any hardware. It is also self-healing and self-managing owing to the Ceph Storage Architecture.

Automatic Back-up

The first thing that all site owners learn is that the website and database need to be backed up on a regular basis. The reason is simple – if you experience loss of data for any reason, then the backed up data provides a stable restore point using which you can undo the loss. And these restore points require you to back up regularly. You can back up your website yourself but it does involve a lot of time and resources.

A Cloud Hosting provider automatically backs up your website. This is a comprehensive backup which is done regularly. No more worries about data loss.

Security tools

Security is an integral part of reliability. You rely on the hosting provider to offer you a secure platform for your website and valuable data. In the online world, there are many security threats like hackers, viruses, etc. These threats can be tackled with the latest security tools. Most cloud hosting plans come with the latest tools to ensure the security of your website. Some such tools are:

  • CodeGuard – This tool offers an automatic backup solution. Further, it monitors your website and database on a regular basis and alerts you if any changes are detected.
  • SiteLock – This tool screens your complete web presence. Then, it identifies security gaps, if any and reports them to you.

To summarize, cloud hosting services have been designed to make them truly reliable. A good cloud hosting services provider additionally deploys the best security and storage tools to take reliability to a completely new level.

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