Top 50+ Royalty Free Music Tracks List | Free Stock Music 2017, 2018


Royalty Free Music Tracks – Nowadays, music tracks apps have the best platform to hear your favorite songs and looking the best one as per the list. In fact, several apps available for your podcast but each carried out different feature. Of course, you can listen to millions of tracks to find the right music track for your need and preference.

Here is the list of top Royalty Free Music Tracks 2017 and 2018 are listed below as follows. Throughout the demo tracks, you can get high quality and Royalty music tracks from the lists.

Royalty Free Music Tracks

Royalty Free Music Tracks List

Inspiring by PR Music production

This free royalty free music is a fresh and clean background track which is suitable for inspirational, motivational and other projects. So, you can use this royalty track that has been designed for PR Music production forever.

Live My Life by Metrolightmusic

This is known as upbeat, bouncy and enjoy hearing by using piano, acoustic guitar instruments to get soft music tracks for all. It is a fabulous track clap track which has been widely used for downloading the royalty music tracks 2017, 2018.

Clouds by AudioQuattro

It is known as uplifting and motivational pop rock track which is useful for expressing a positive tone when hearing it. In addition, the track is so beautiful and feels like heaven by hearing again and again.

Indie Folk by Olexandrlgnatov

This Royalty Free Music is so optimistic and bright that sets a positive mood for everyone. This has been used by featuring bright acoustic guitars and light music instruments as per the beat.  The royalty music tracks of 2017 and 2018 are an enjoyable one and hear it smoothly.

Hyper Epic by Gilv

This is an epic and inspiring cinematic music that have a perfect solution to hear with ease. This is useful for video game trailers and made enjoyable when hearing it. Hence, the track is overall good to hear and download accordingly.

Time Machine by MountainSound

With the extent of background technology, the Royalty Free Music is great for an advertisement and video technology or innovation. It has overall effort to bring forth attention to the cinematic approach when hearing it.

Upbeat by Sophonic

This Royalty Free Music is extremely useful cheerful when hearing tracks along with beats. It is useful for presentations and promos that give positive mood forever. You can download this royalty free music form online and hear it anytime.

Energetic Dubstep by Monsii

This is a fabulous youtube royalty free music which is perfect for intros, gaming, sports advertising and others. It consists of more project and hence capable of downloading it for good themes.

Nature by BackInBlack Music

This is a royalty music track which is very deep and emotional work by hearing by having great work in free background music. It is suitable for nature connecting tracks and hence capable of hearing it and use by all.

Pulse by AudioQuattro

This is an atmosphere and floating electronic Royalty Free Music that is used perfectly as an unintrusive background track of any section. It is useful for space travel and scientific research tracks forever.

Positive Thinking by BeatheBeat

This is a Royalty Free Music that is useful for folk-rock tracks and opens with the very positive approach to use for uplifting rhythm for all. It is simple yet catchy on the acoustic guitar and bells in between the tracks. The folk-rock opens and motorized by a beat of positive thinking theme.

Fight No More by Soundroll

This is completely a violent and aggressive track which has lots of distortion and energy when hearing the track. This is almost fit every action scene and drive with edge modern music blended with cool effects and synth patterns.

Smash It Up by Music2Noise

It is very intense and powerful Royalty Free Music which is based on a deep bass and holds lots of distorted sounds. Moreover, the track is suitable for action scenes, games, and videos. So, it is highly useful in the cinematic background forever.

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Rock That Crowd by Everythingwerenot

This is an epic party Royalty Free Music in a genre that combines with the dance version with elements of pop music added to it. In addition, it has decided the right track which is useful for hearing the tracks for any kinds of artist.

Best Free Stock Music Tracks 2017

1. Atmospheric Electronica by Felron
2. Intelligent IDM by LEXPREMIUM
3. Indie Folk by OlexandrIgnatov
4. Inspiring Motivational Corporate by HeartDrumMachine
5. Hyper Epic by gilv
6. Time Machine by MountainSound
7. Nature by BackInBlackMusic
9. Upbeat by Sophonic
10. Heroic Orchestral Hip Hop by Paul_Velchev
11. Medical by Pavetraxx
12. Energetic Dubstep by monsii

Royalty-Free Stock Music Tracks

  • Inspiring
  • Live My Life
  • Clouds
  • In the Moment of Inspiration
  • Your Little Planet Corp
  • Uplifting Inspiring Motivational
  • Uplifting & Inspiring Upbeat Pop
  • This Is How You Advertise!
  • Inspiration
  • Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly
  • Upbeat
  • Rock That Crowd!
  • A Way To The Top
  • Successful Business Venture
  • Upbeat Corporate Inspiring Uplifting
  • Inspiration
  • Upbeat Corporate Uplifting Motivational
  • Inspire
  • Smash It Up
  • Upbeat Corporate Uplifting Inspiration
  • Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate
  • Inspiring
  • Driving In My Car
  • That Positive Feeling
  • Larger Than Life
  • Warm Summer Uplifting Acoustic
  • On Top Of The World
  • Feel Good Journey
  • A Fortunate Day (Extended Version)
  • Upbeat Ukulele
  • Movie Trailer Credits Intro
  • Inspiring Piano
  • Inspiring Cinematic Trailer
  • Health, Happiness & Success
  • Positive Thinking
  • Corporate Summer Inspiring Upbeat
  • Epic Cinematic Trailer Music
  • Elevation
  • Aspire
  • Clapping Ukulele
  • Corporate Inspiring Upbeat Uplifting
  • Inspiring & Uplifting Summer Pop
  • Driving Indie Anthem
  • Fight No More
  • Upbeat Indie
  • Inspiration
  • Fun
  • Born To Be Big
  • Upbeat
  • Let’s have FUN – Corporate luck and Motivations
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