How to Transfer Photos And Video From iPhone to Mac

It is a real treat to create your own photo library by using your iPhone. Capture brilliant photos, take screenshots, download the images and built your photo library. But as your image’s collection grows, the photos and cameras images will take more and more storage. Whether you want to save some space on your iPhone or seeking to back up images your Mac book before you want to delete them, edit them using editing applications, and copy the images onto your friend’s Mac, this tutorial will be your guide on how to transfer photos from iPhone to Macbook.

There are multiple ways in which photos and videos can be synced using a variety of services. Read this post to learn 5 ways to import photos to MacBook from an iPhone. This tutorial has written considering both iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

How to Transfer Photos And Video


This guide will tell you different ways to transfer all images including photo stream, camera roll, iCloud synced Photos, iTunes synced photos, and all other solutions for how to imports photos/videos from iPhone to PC.

How to Transfer Photos And Video

  1. How to transfer Multiple/All Photos from iPhone to Mac- Using AnyTrans

To import your photos from an iPhone to Mac easily, without any hassle, you need to download a professional transferring tool for importing the photos. AnyTrans is an iPhone application which is efficient tool for syncing images from iPhone to Mac. Anytrans supports importing all kinds of photos that you want to sync. It is an excellent editing and managing tool as well, it can manage all your photos and also keep the data organized with ease. The transferring speed is really fast, making the transfer process make very quick and import a large number of images, and videos within a minute.

How to transfer Multiple Photos from iPhone to Mac

If you are wondering how to import photos/ videos from iPhone to mac using AnyTrans, just launch Anytrans in your Mac, connect your computer to the iPhone using the USB Cable. A follow up will prompt up after which you can transfer all the photos from iPhone to Mac by using AnyTrans. You can either send all photos or transfer the selected images to your Mac. AnyTrans allows the user to transfer images from albums, bursts, photo library, camera roll, and Photo Stream.

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  1. Transfer multiple photos from iPhone to Mac- Using iPhoto

You can also import images to your mac with iPhoto. Just connect the devices through USB cable, launch iPhoto in your iPhone, select the images you want to transfer to your computer, tap on the import button (or select all if you want to transfer all the images), and your captured images will be transferred to the computer.

Transfer multiple photos from iPhone to Mac- Using iPhoto

But iPhoto only allows sharing of images from Camera Rolls only. Photos from your library, photo steam, and other downloaded albums cannot be transferred through the iPhoto Application.

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  1. Transfer photos from iPhone to Macbook with Preview

Photos from photo stream, camera roll, library, and downloaded albums can be imported to the Macbook. Preview allows quick transfer of all photos. To transfer the images, connect the mac book with USB Cable, run the images that are stored in your iPhone, click file icon at the left corner of your screen, choose the images you want to transfer and then proceed to import. You can also choose the destination where you want to store the transferred photos.

Transfer photos from iPhone to Macbook with Preview

  1. Transferring photos from iPhone to Macbook – Using Aperture

Aperture don’t only work as the photo editing and processing tool, but can also be used as a great application to import photos from iPhone to Mac. Just install the on your mac and connect your computer to iPhone using the USB cable.

Transferring photos from iPhone to Macbook – Using Aperture

Launch aperture in your mac, and click on the down-arrow to open import panel. You’ll see your iPhone where all photos will be projected at your display, select the photos you want to import and your photos will be transferred to the Mac within a minute.

  1. Transfer photos from iPhone to Macbook- Using Email

Email is a wonderful option to transfer your photos from iPhone to Mac; especially if your computer is not at you hand or you don’t have the USB cable. You can transfer all types of images from your library and camera roll by signing in your email on your mac and sending the photos from the iPhone. You can later download all the photos in your computer and store them.

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This works perfectly well for those who want to import photos from iPhone to windows 10 or any computer running on different operating systems other than ios.

Final Words

Photos and videos and space biggest occupier in your iPhone and the best say to keep them stored is transferring them into the computer. The storage issues are more prominent when you’re using iPhone with 16&32 GB storage, and then your device asks you to free up some space for in-built applications to function properly. You can try the above mentioned tips to migrate photos from the iPhone to Mac. AnyTrans can be the best choice to transfer all other ios contents as well.


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