How to Turn OFF Safe Mode on Android Mobile Phones


In order to troubleshoot the android device, the safe mode is one of the best options and it is an invaluable tool. The android safe mode is one of the best tools to save your mobile when it has been attacked by a severe malware or virus.

What is safe mode?

The safe mode will also never allow any rogue app or insecure app to get installed in your mobile. It will also give a warning and remind the user about the malware present in the mobile. With the warning from safe mode android, mobile users can safeguard their mobile from the extreme issue.

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In case an insecure app is creating an issue to your mobile, samsung safe mode removes the app from the condition until the point when that issue gets solved. It is a fact that, it is not simply an app; it’s each app you introduced the greater part of its brilliant and valuable qualities,

the safe mode is a destroy put for your mobile to wind up plainly stranded. In addition, you don’t have the choice to recover what you’ve lost, since you won’t have any entrance to Google Play Store. Your mobile will tell you it’s in Safe mode by showing a “Safe mode” content sign regularly situated on your home screen lower left.

How to Exit Safe Mode on Android Mobile Phones:

In case you are on with Safe mode unintentionally, you will need to decide the reason. The following methods will allow you how to turn off safe mode on android mobile phones

Method 1: Warm Boot (Restart)

Most of the android issue will get solved by restarting the device. So restarting can turn OFF safe mode on android mobile phones.

  • At first press the power button and hold it
  • You will find option showing reboot or restart
  • Reboot your mobile then
  • If your issue doesn’t get solved then follow method 2 given below.

Method 2: Cold Boot (Soft Reset)

  • If your safe mode issue is not getting solved with the Warm Boot technique means then you can move on to Cold Boot technique, which is nothing but a soft reset.
  • Hold your power button until a set of option appears on your mobile screen
  • Click ‘Power Off’
  • Wait for some time and then again turn ON your mobile and check whether the issue gets solved or not

Method 3: Dismantle your mobile

  • The best alternative method for power off and reboot method is dismantling a device. If you want to turn OFF galaxy s5 safe mode on android mobile phones then dismantling the mobile is the best choice when the power off and reboot technique is not working out

Method 4: Clearing your app data and mobile history

Method 5: Uninstall the affected apps

  • If your app is not working due to note 4 safe mode means then you can uninstall that app and again install it from play store.

Method 6: Give your mobile to service center for clearing the issue

Method 7: Troubleshoot your mobile hardware

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