How to Unroot Android SmartPhone? [Quickest Way to Unroot]


There are so many users who root their device without knowing its complicated process and people still dont know how to Unroot Android SmartPhone again. If you are one of them who want to Unroot Android SmartPhone. So, you are the lucky one that you are here today because today we are going to tell you about how you can unroot your device.

How to Unroot Android Smart Phone Easily?

Unroot Android SmartPhone

There are lots of tutorials about how you can root your Android Device, but there are not as many information given which is related to “how you can unroot your device”. So, stay with us to know about this unroots procedure.

Unroot Android SmartPhone by Using SuperSU

SuperSU is the most amazing, popular and robust root management app which is available only for the Android Users. If you are using a rooted device, then there is a high chance to use SuperSU to manage which apps get super user access. It is one of the smartest and easiest ways to rapidly unroot your device because the whole process is done within the app directly on the phone. Here is a procedure, which, given below for unroot your device with the help of SuperSU:

  • For fully Unroot Android SmartPhone, first you have to install this app from its official page, then when the app is installed on your device then you have to choose the SuperSU app from your app drawer.
  • When you open the app, click on the Settings button and scroll towards the bottom till you find the “Cleanup” section. Click on the “Full Unroot” option.
  • It will show a dialog box which contains “if cleanup succeeds, the root will be lost, and this app will close automatically in a few seconds. Please reboot your device afterward. Beware that some kernels automatically re-boot at boot. Are you sure you want to continue”? If you are using a device with the traditional rooting method- simply lollipop or older, then this is the first and only step for you to Unroot Android SmartPhone. If you want to unroot your device you can simply click on the continue button and then the procedure will start for unroot the device.
  • If you are using a device which is rooted by the system less root method in marshmallow, then click on the Continue button, then again, you will see a dialog box which contains this message-“Attempt to restore stock boot image? This is required for OTAs to succeed. If you manually decrypted your device, note that this might prevent your device from booting”. If you are getting rid of the device, then we would suggest you choose the “Yes” button.
  • Then on screen, you will see a message which may ask, if you would like to restore the stock recovery image. If you are running a custom recovery ad what to pull an OTA update then this option is necessary- tap “Yes” to continue.

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Unroot Android SmartPhone by Using an App

If, you don’t want to use SuperSU. Then here is an option to unroot your device by taking advantages of a simple app. But, there is one warning for you that these applications don’t seem to work well with all Smartphones out there.  It’s the chance of a hit or misses.

The most popular option for unroot device is Universal Unroot, which can easily get rid of root privileges in Android devices. But there are so many downsides. For the new users, a bunch of Samsung devices won’t work because of the complication with KNOX. But, LG Devices can be unrooted, but they will still show as rooted afterward, thanks to LG’s eFuse.

We can say this is a bit of a gamble because it cost $0.99, but that is absolutely worth it if you don’t want to play around with the phone too much.

Unroot Android SmartPhone by Using a File Manager

When your device is rooted then might seem like a complicated set-up, but it is nothing, just a bunch of files on your phone. Get rid of them and root will also go away.

If you want to get rid of them, then you have to do this below procedure, you should have a file manager with root access. Most popular one, which is used by so many users and that, is an ES File Explorer before doing any step, first go to the settings and turn ON root access.

  • Access your main drive of your device and look for “system”. Tap on it and then click on “bin”. From there, delete the “busybox” and “su”. On the other hand, if these options might not be there, then move to the next step.
  • Again, go back to the system folder and select “xbin”. If the files are present there then go ahead and delete both “busybox” and “su”.
  • Go back to the system folder and select the “app” option.
  • Delete this application “superuser,apk”.
  • At last, restart your device and it will be completed.

Unroot by installing an OTA update!

For this option, you have to wait for an update to arrive and when the update is arriving, then don’t forget to uninstall SuperSU and any other root-related apps. Take care of one thing and that is this method is only work when using the stock recovery on your device.

Unroot by installing the stock firmware

If you want your phone back to its original firmware then this is the best option to Unroot Android SmartPhone because it will work regardless of your device, ROM, kernel or Recovery. This is because the firmware has all the important software packaged together.

But there is only one drawback and that is, every device has a different way of installing the Firmware. So, for installing this application you have to search for it first.


So, Our Lovable Users, after reading this article, you’ll have a good idea of “How to Unroot Android Smart phones”?

Thank you for staying with us till here. We are trying our best to provide you all the solutions for unrooting your Android Phone. We hope that this content will be helpful for you because we try to give you all the information as much as we can.

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