Update WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone Feature – Learn How to Delete Sent Messages


Whatsapp is the widely used application for the purpose of chatting, calling and others to the friends and family members. There are many features associated with this application. Now, every user can use this application on their smartphone.

This one comes up with the new feature like how to delete the sent messages. In order to access this feature, you can first update the Whatsapp application in the respective play store or app store.  This is must for the user to utilize the feature. If you send unwanted messages to your friends, this will help you and delete the conversation easily.

Update WhatsApp

Utilize the Benefits of Using Delete for Everyone Feature

This is the new feature of Whatsapp and tries the feature in your phone. The users can also consider that Whatsapp application requires the latest version before using this feature. The delete messages for everyone are best for one who needs the best and professional communication in a simple way. With the help of it, you can delete the specific message in your chat.

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How to use WhatsApp This Feature:

The process of using the feature is simple for the smartphone users. At the updating time, you can see how to use in your device in the play store and app store. You can also check the user review and ratings for this feature and learn how it is beneficial for your device.

Once you delete the message, you can receive the WhatsApp Delete messages notification on your device. It works perfectly for any message type like a text message, image and video file, voice message, stickers and others.

If the user deletes the message for everyone, the users can receive the fake copy of the message. You can use the feature of delete message for everyone and delete the message within seven minutes.

If the time limit is crossed, you cannot delete the message in any way. So, you can delete the message within a time period and remove the wrong messages simply. It is easy to use feature for your smartphones and check the message before sending it to others.

Latest WhatsApp Update Play Store.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

Steps for Using Delete for Everyone Feature:

  • The users just open the Whatsapp and visit the chat that you like to delete the message.
  • They can hit on the tap and hold message option or else, the users can also locate tap more messages to remove the message quickly.
  • The users can tap delete option and see the delete for everyone.
  • The Deleting messages allow the user to remove the copy of the message within a minute.

Whether you use this feature, you and your friends use the latest version of the application. The users note that the application is only applicable for the latest version.

This one supports only the latest version. So, the users can learn more about it prior to use the delete for everyone feature. You can check that the message is properly deleted in your chat. the users kindly use type of feature and regularly update Whatsapp.

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