How to Use Artificial Intelligence To Improve Business


Artificial intelligence was once this ‘what if’ idea, portrayed in science fiction movies and not thought of as a real obtainable step. Teaching a machine to think like a human just didn’t seem possible. Artificial intelligence has since become a complete transformational technology.

Currently, it is only increasing in popularity and transforming the way many companies conduct their day-to-day tasks. In fact, artificial intelligence can be used to improve business in a number of ways.

Artificial Intelligence

Customer service

One of the most common examples of AI in the business world is the use of chat bots. Businesses can set up chat bots to interact with customers and help with basic requests and questions. If the requests or questions are more high-level or need more attention, the technology can even channel the request to the appropriate department. Chat bots are only the beginning for customer service development. The combination of AI and humans is able to create an exemplary human customer service team, as it will have the tools to go above and beyond.

Eileen Canady, SVP of Global Marketing for SKYES recommends, “Pick your top 10 sales agents and have your AI learn the best responses and actions from these overachievers. AI will then use that knowledge to coach underperforming agents on what to say and do, raising their level of performance.”

Knowledge management

Many businesses rely on knowledge management systems, a type of AI, in order to make use of the information that they have at their fingertips and gather value from text content. The more that our world develops into the digital age, the more data that companies have to leverage as their most valuable assets. This means that if the data is not organized and understood properly, it is not as useful for the company. Knowledge management systems can bridge that gap and help understand what the data means and how businesses can apply gathered information to their practices.


Integrating AI into your marketing strategy is an effective way to process data, personalize outreach, customize content and offer dynamic pricing. In fact, AI is already changing marketing and many marketers recommend automating everything that is not creative. Manual tasks can be eliminated so that the focus can be created on the creative and unique parts of marketing.

For example, when it comes to lead generation Toby Nwazor, a contributor for Entrepreneur, says, “By incorporating tag words, a rudimentary search for leads can automatically be implemented …as the user makes relevant selections from the results, a lead-generation system incorporating AI can learn, make adjustments and produce continually better and more relevant results.”

There are many other ways you can use artificial intelligence. Even outside the business world, we are more in contact with AI than we know. A simple Internet search for example, will pull relevant research results that are a direct result of AI. Another common example of AI that social media users see is the option to tag a friend, and the suggested name of the friend in a photo. This is based on image recognition pulled from AI algorithms. AI is becoming more apart of our world, and businesses that leverage it will be able to perform more efficiently and compete on a greater scale across their industries.

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