How to Verify Aadhar Email, Mobile Number and Link Your Aadhar Card with Pan


How to Verify Aadhar Email, Mobile Number – Aadhar card verification is more important than you think. Government has recently made it mandatory to link your permanent account number with Aadhar card for taxation purpose. The interlinking of Pan with Aadhar Card has turned out to be a tool of Identity.

Just The Way it’s important to link your permanent account number with Aadhar, verification of your mobile number and email is equally vital. Any Aadhar Card that has been registered without email or phone number would be identified as illegal after 6th of February 2018.

Verify Aadhar Email, Mobile Number

How to Verify Aadhar Email, Mobile Number

So if you have not completed the verification of your mobile phone/ email, it’s time to follow these steps –

  • Visit the official website of UIDAI Aadhar card
  • Direct Link:
  • Scroll downwards where you will find email / mobile number verification option
  • The next page would automatically come up with empty fields asking you to registered email id and mobile number for verification.
  • After the required details have been entered, the user will receive a security code/ one time password
  • One Time Password would be sent to your email or mobile number depending on what you are verifying in the Aadhar Card form.
  • Enter the code and validate your email / mobile number right away.
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Once your Aadhaar Card has been successfully verified, you can enjoy several benefits. Aadhar Card comprises of your personal fingerprints, picture and other personal details. Also, it is verified through your Iris that serves as a strong identity proof. An Aadhar Card can help your child to reach home just with the help of fingerprint verification.

Let’s Know How to Link Your Aadhaar Card with Pan

According to Section 139 AA, it has become mandatory to link your Aadhaar card with PAN number from 1st July 2017 onwards. Let’s know the exact process of linking Aadhaar card to your pan-

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  • Budget official portal of tax e – filing and create your account on the website. If you already have an account, just log on with the help of credentials.
  • After you login, a popup showcasing an option to link your pan card with Aadhar card would appear right away. However, if it doesn’t happen on its own, you can follow the next steps.
  • Click upon profile settings and link Aadhar card
  • The Aadhar card option will be available in the dropdown menu under profile settings.
  • Enter the 12 digit Aadhaar Card number and save it
  • After everything has been completed; you will get a confirmation message saying that Aadhaar Pan linking is successfully completed.

Aadhar cards are helpful in making payments for electricity bill, gas and water bill. The virus free money transfer is particularly possible with the mobile apps that have been verified through Aadhar card. The top notch money transfer services like PayTM, recharge on phonepe are all adopting KYC verification through Aadhar card to allow cashless transfers.

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