Vertu Signature Cobra Limited Edition is The Most Expensive Phone


With the convenience of the phone, 439 rubies is cut properly in a cobra size and perforated together, in which there are two pages used for the eyes. Do you think the current crop of major smartphones is not unique or expensive? In that case, Vertu can have a phone for you. The company has a new limited edition version which is on the signature line called Vertu Signature Cobra Limited Edition, in which only eight units have been captured. cost?

Vertu Signature Cobra Limited Edition

Well, that is available at, the price is CNY 24,74,000, which is more than just Rs. 2.32 million! You do not even get a smartphone for that price, but the convenience phone. But there is not just a feature phone, it comes with a body in which 439 rubies is properly cut and punched together to make a cobra shape. There are two pages in the eyes. The device has been in collaboration with the French jewelry brand Boucheron and the whole phone has made 388 parts.

Vertu Signature Cobra Limited Edition Price Is 2.3 million!

Of course, when you order a gem-encrypted phone worth more than 2 crores, you do not want to give it to your motorcycle by just one delivery boy. This is the reason that when you buy this phone, it will be delivered to you through the helicopter.

If you spend so much on this kind of phone, then the specs should not do anything like you, the listing on Jedi Mile does not appear much, after all, it is still a feature phone. For those still interested, the standard version of Vertu signatures plays a 2-inch QVGA display with a resolution of 240 x 320 TFT LCD display protected by Neelam Crystal. You got 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal storage. You get a display battery with Talktime for up to five hours given.

Vertu Signature Cobra Limited Edition

Known for making Vertu Premium and superb phones, the company has just launched its new flagship phone, Vertu Signature Cobra Limited Edition. The interesting thing is that it is not just a smartphone but it is just a regular cell phone. So it will not come with high end specs on the board.

Being limited edition, only eight units of this Vertu phone will be made available for purchase. $ 360k worth, it will be sold only on Jingdong Mall, a Chinese online retailer, a stigma associated with Vertu phones, despite being really expensive, they are not functional though, Vertu phones are high quality leather, liquid metal alloy, crystal sapphire Display and are lined with Ruby Key.

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Superb design

As suggested by the name, this phone is based on the original Vertu signature phone design. It has been assembled by hand in the UK and it is called the French Imperial Jewelry Brand Butcher. As you can see from the image above, the phone is surrounded by 439 rubies. This is one of the ways it makes the shape of the cobra. Cobra has two pages in his eyes. You should also know that the signature cobra is made up of 388 different parts!


Initially, the phone will be a Jingdong Mall exclusive, we hope that Vertu will be loaded in other countries also. Generally, in different countries, Vertu phones are sold in their branded stores. Some high-end retail stores like Selfridge and Harrods sold the Vertu phone with some discounts. Specifically, the company ensures that something special for its customers. This time Vertu Signature Cobra Limited Edition will distribute to customers through a helicopter.


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