Vivo Y66 Android Smartphone Review, Detailed And Price

With the number of Vivo y66 India phones flooding the market these last few years, it’s quite hard to keep track of what’s being sold and even harder for a manufacturer to make a device that stands out.

Vivo Y66

The Vivo Y66 is the perfect example of such a device of Vivo y66 vs oppo a57. It sells for Rs 14,999; price in India has bog standard hardware and is available in vivo y66 Flipkart gold. You can walk into any retail store in the country or browse online and find a device vivo y66 Amazon like this one without even trying.

Vivo Y66 Smartphone Detailed


At first glance, Vivo Y66 looks like it looks like a device in the price range, like any other China-made smartphone

Manufacturers like to slap some 2.5D glasses in front of their devices these days. 2.5D indicates that the edges of the display unit are seamlessly rotated in the display.

While Y66 seems like it does, it may feel cheated. The display in the area from the front of the device is a little small and is surrounded by plastic thin strip. Since our device is white in front, plastic is also white, this is the reason why you do not see a visual anomaly. A thin metal frame also surrounds the device.

When you capture the device, you can clearly feel the steps on the edges, where the screen meets the frame, and it does not look so great. But then, the device is Rs. 14,999, so I can not complain too much.

The back of the device is completely plastic, although discrete plastic inserts are doubling as the antenna band. To see it, you felt that the metal in this device was sitting on it insists on this assumption. You get a small camera collision on the back, but it is too small that you will not notice the collision. With a single LED flash camera

Below is a speaker grill, micro USB 2.0 port and headphone jack. There are dual SIM trays on the left side while the volume is the right and the right house of the power button. Button clicks more strong, which is good

The front bezel has capacitive buttons that you get for navigation, but they are not backlit, which is disappointing.


There is nothing to write about home on hardware. You get a MediaTech MT6750 chipset, which is an entry level platform, and you get 3 GB RAM. Internal storage is enough on 32 GB, you get the option of expanding up to 256 GB of storage via micro SD card.

Interestingly, the 13 MP camera creates a rear unit but the front camera is a 16 MP unit. I think that cuffs are more important than photos, so it’s not surprising.

The battery is 3,000 mAh unit and the device weighs around 155 grams. The screen is 5.5 inches HD (1280 × 720) LCD unit

There is nothing here, which is different from the fact that Vivo had the best thought to flip the front and rear camera, but it is becoming a trend anyway.


The 5.5-inch display on this phone is not very bright, but it is quite fast that you will not complain about clarity. In bright sunlight, the display is clearly readable, even on maximum brightness.

Vivo Y66

Even in regular use, the firmware of the phone was very reluctant to push a very high brightness. This performance seemed to be lingering again and I had to keep increasing the glow when watching the video or trying to read something for some time.

The maximum brightness is not brighter than the default setting, but at least this display looks a little more vibrant. Overall, I used to call silent performance, but functional.


The least, the software is fine, interesting, the phone runs Fount touch OS 3.0 at the top of Android 6.0, which means that there is no navigator here and no Google is helpful.

The interesting thing here is that iOS is a very fast rip off iOS. Many icons and fonts are clearly IOS-inspired, as are the control panels that you pull down from and the layout of the control panel. The default music app is uniquely called “I Music” and its UI again. Which That regularly uses IOO, will be worried about it.

It is not to say that the software is bad. It is said that fake is the most important form of flattery, and despite teasing Apple, the OS actually manages to combine better bits together with iOS and Android.

The redesigned setting menu is also good because it is essentially placed more prominently, which can lead to less disorganization.

There are other good features as well as double-tap-to-wake gestures for the lack of a fingerprint sensor is a suitable option. There is also an icon on the Home screen that you can tap to turn the device off. You can also tap the screen twice to close it.

Like the option to display network usage statistics in the status bar, other touches, S-Capture for screenshots, gesture-based shortcuts, etc. are good.

There are several options to customize UI and gestures and many of these features can be really useful. If you want to have a big deal to mess up, but I want to have the job to do with the Naught.

Vivo Y66 Specification

With the color of White and Crown Gold, the front panel of Y66 has a 720×1280 pixel resolution of 5.5 inches HD display, which is completed with 2.5D curved glass design.

The earpiece and safe camera are placed above the display, while the capacitive navigation keys are below it.

There is a 3,000 mAh battery below the non-removable back panel of Vivo Y66. The top left corner has 13 MP rear camera (with LED flash), while Vivo is in the branding center.

The right edge of the Smartphone has volume turn and power buttons. While the bottom edge is 3.5 mm audio jack, micro USB charging port, and speaker grill.

Vivo Y66 has been kept with 3gb RAM by an octal-core mediates MT 6750 SOC. There is also an internal storage of 32 GB, which is in support for micro SD card of up to 256GB of size.

The Smartphone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which is skinned with the company’s Fantasy OS 3.0. With all standard connectivity options like 4G VoLTE, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Vivo Y66 has been powered by 3,000 mAh battery.


Overall the performance was dull. The UI works very well, but try anyway, like browsing the web page, opening many apps, etc, and you will have to face a murmur. The same stutter sometimes increases in some games as well.

If you look at the device as a phone only then you can call and chat with friends and maybe take some pictures, it is absolutely fine. For heavy browsing and playing games, performance is insufficient.

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In fact, with its snapdragon 625 chip, the Redmi Note 4 is more powerful, cheaper, and offers a better experience.

In the lower part, a speaker is not very loud and it is difficult to hear anything in a thing other than a quiet room.

I had to face some issues along with signal quality. The signal was rarely consistent. I travel by train and of course, the strength of the signal is not very good on my arrival. However, there will be no other phone where the Vivo Y66 connection will face dead places. It was disturbing and disappointing because I stream music during my short period.


The camera quality of the phone is not bad, in reality. There was no problem in the catch or focus of focus, and the quality of the image was quite decent in good light.

Vivo Y66

HDR (high dynamic range) images came particularly well. As well as the camera captured enough detail in highlights and shadows to make it worth leaving.

It was also good to face the 16 MP front cameras, capturing good colors, and a decent light. Was expanded in a good amount.

Low light performance was not very good, but I did not expect it to be. Some Smartphone is capable of good low light shots, even iPhones are struggling in this department.

You get many features, including Ultra mode, slow speed, and they all work well. For example, images depicted in Ultra mode are definitely clear compared to regular HD images.


Our standardized battery testing gave the device a rating of 8 hours and 43 minutes. This is strictly average performance because we have seen that many phones exceed 9.5 hours or 10-hour markings.

However, real world use a different picture painting tool easily found me through a full working day and around 15 percent of the charge Was also left in the next morning on my work day during my commute there are music and videos of a few hours. Switching between a few hours of web browsing and many apps, dozens of emails, a lot of messages, and some calls.

Given that some phones remain with me till I get home, staying alone next morning means that Vivo has done something with the software that enables this battery life

For this negation charging speed is the bundled charger Vivo Y66 takes forever to charge. I charge it for about three hours, which is slower for 3,000 mAh devices.


Answering my first question, no, Vivo Y66 does nothing to separate itself from the competition

At this price limit, the Radmi Note 4 is cheap, made of metal, and is very fast. A little more expensive Moto G5 is better made and faster too. Then there is also King of battery life, ASUS Gen for 3 S-Max.

That said, Y66 is not an awesome option at this price, but it is an incredible one. This is a phone that you buy when you do not know what you are looking for when you go to a shop and show the phone under Rs 15,000.

It has a decent camera and a good battery life, but the body does not look very good and the screen is not very bright. Display is average

If you can get it on your hands, then it is a little bit that can beat Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Spend a little more, and you’ll get Moto G5.


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