Vodafone Has Alleged That Reliance Jio Is Still Offering a Summer Surprise Proposal.

Vodafone says. That Reliance Jio still subscribes to its summer surprise offer for “entice customers”. However, the regulator TRAI asked the company to roll back the offer. “Reliance Jio Configuration continues with this proposal while not fulfilling the regulatory norms in the pile of configuration changes.


The Vodafone has told Tray in his letter. For the last three days, it asks customers to quickly recharge and promote customers as well as interact with retailers to take advantage of the benefits of non-compliant offers.

Vodafone’s letter alleged that Reliance sent an SMS to retailers and consumers, indicating this. That they should soon subscribe to the offer of Summer Surprise.

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Reliance Jio Summer Surprise was announced on March 31, when the company’s Happy New Year offer ended. Jio has basically extended the same proposition to those users. Who has his own Rs. 303 packs and JOI joined the Prime Service.

The company offers these users best wishes for 3 months of complimentary 4G service. That’s the same benefits offered by Happy New Year.

Although this step was not in line with norms by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), after which he asked Jio to withdraw the offer. Vodafone wrote, “We request Reliance to immediately issue TRAI’s immediate intervention and appropriate instructions to withdraw the proposal on an immediate basis and inform consumers regarding withdrawal of proposed proposal from the date of consultation received from TRAI.

Vodafone Has Alleged That Reliance Jio is Still Offering

In its letter, Vodafone also includes a sample SMS, which is allegedly being referred by Jio to the retailers. Originally informs SMS, retailers in Hindi. That Jio has given users time to recharge 303/499 packs by April 10. Say SMS that the customer will get the benefit until July 28 after subscribing to the offer.

“In our view, such a proposal of the customer is organized as non-compliance; it is a major violation and neglect of TRAI advisor.

Vodafone has written that makes such promotions regulatory advisors to the customers. “Apart from this, it offers a false picture for customers of a non-robot regulatory framework.” Where the non-relevant proposals are allowed to be sold in the market, “the letter reads.

After TRAI’s instructions, Reliance Jio had already announced that as soon as possible, the offer of summer surprise will be withdrawn. However, Jio said that all its customers, who have already received the benefits of their new offer. They will continue to get it responding to Vodafone’s claims, the spokesperson of Reliance Jio said; Please see our press release on April 6, 2017. Reliance Jio Sim offers.

In which we have made it clear that the Gaya Summer Surprise will be withdrawn soon because it is actively possible in compliance with the regulatory advice. Customers who have offered a Jio Summer surprise. They will be eligible for offer offered before their dissection. We are troubled by competitive people keeping in mind the ongoing and deliberate efforts of generating unnecessary illusions in the market.


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