7 Wi-Fi Tricks to Increase Your Downloading And Uploading Speed


It’s likely that if your home has a wireless internet connection, then you at least have had some trouble with the speed of the connection. That being said, it can be frustrating to deal with a slow Wi-Fi connection. You are probably paying good money to your internet service provider, so the slow speed is something that you should not deal with, right?

Wi-Fi Tricks: Step By Step Explanation

Well, the truth is that wireless speed can be influenced by many things. Fortunately, some Wi-Fi changes you can try to promote your speed and help you get the rolling on time.

1. Replace your router again

The position of your wireless router plays a major role in the speed and power of your wireless connection. If you are having trouble, then you should try to convert your router to a centralized area where the signal can reach every wireless device in your home. If your router is near an outer wall, then try to move it to the middle of your house. You can send some signal outside the router near the outer walls, which can put the power and speed of your wireless connection at risk.

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2. Buy a wireless signal repeater

Adding a wireless signal reporter to your home network can greatly increase the speed of your connection. A repeater works by increasing your signal without adding any additional stars. All you have to do is place the wireless writer at the place that is between your router and your wireless device. It will instantly promote the wireless signal which is sent from the router to your device, which means that the speed is fast for you.

3. Install a new antenna

Most wireless routers come standard with a ubiquitous antenna, which means that it transmits wireless signals in a circular radius to reach different locations in your house. If your router is in a fully focused area between all your wireless devices, then it is probably okay, but if your router is not fully centered between devices, then you should know the existing antenna as a strong, high gain antenna.

Let’s think about the place of You can usually remove your old antenna and change it with one of these strongest antennas to increase your signal strength, so your connection speed is increasing. Another advantage of a high gain antenna is its choice to focus the wireless signal in any direction.

4. Use a brand of equipment

You might think that the speed of your wireless connection can be reduced by using the tools of different brands. But in reality, you can do this if you use different brands’ tools. Probably not working efficiently as your components It is possible. This is because many manufacturers of wireless networking equipment have pre-installed enhancements in all their products.

These enhancements can increase the speed, but only one manufacturer’s products will work only when used together. If you are using different brands of equipment and your speed is suffering, it is definitely a try. Is worth

5. Reduce frequency interference

Many home electronics, such as cordless telephones and baby monitors, run on the same frequency as the wireless router. This means that these electronic devices can interfere with the wireless signal being transmitted to your router. Which can affect your connection speed and performance.

To see how this is happening at your frequency, check your router’s box and avoid using other electronic devices running at the same frequency. You can also try to change the channel on your router to avoid frequency interference.

6. Regularly check firmware or driver updates

Manufacturers of wireless Wi-Fi router and network adapter often issue firmware or driver updates that can improve the function of your wireless connection. You can find and download these updates on manufacturers’ websites. Updates are usually done to fix problems, add features and strengthen your device’s performance to ensure that your firmware and drivers are always up to date, check these updates on a regular basis.

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7. Secure your Wi-Fi network

If your network is not well protected, neighbors can use your signal. This can reduce the speed of your connection because you are sharing wireless signals. Set up a secure password and set some wireless encryption that can prevent anyone from accessing your wireless network. All these Wi-Fi tweaks can greatly increase the speed of your wireless connection.

If none of them tries, try some other or many options, it may take a while and endurance. But once you find out what works to speed up your connection, So you will be happy that you will take the effort forward.


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