Yu Yureka Black Detailed Review, Features, And Price


Yu Yureka Black is a decent Smartphone, but there is a lack of camera and battery departments in it, Xiaomi Redmi4 is a better buy, though Yu Yureka Black will probably fulfill all those who look up to everyone. Of course, the right choice is actually a phone that brings such features to the top of Android nougat, but the OEMs are still reluctant to make such phones.

Yu Yureka Black

Micromax needs to win In fact, it needs a big win, and for this it is pulling big guns, the company’s sister concern,Yu Yureka Black relevance’s, its biggest and probably a few years ago with theorist Smartphone (review) Had won So, to bring the U11 brand back, Micromax is also reviving the Eureka line of devices calling  Yu Yureka Black.

There has been a major change in philosophy at this time. Yu Yureka Black looks more like a Micromax phone than the one by U. Relevances. This value is not worth breaking, a device-oriented device known to the company. Instead, Micromax is focusing on the design and distribution of the specs/features that most of its competitors are bringing to mean that this device is not really about any new or groundbreaking. Even so, it is one of the many smartphones for your attention and part of your hard earned money. So, here’s the York Black Review.

Yu Yureka Black Detailed


Like U Eureka,  Yu Yureka Black is basically a phone that Vico Ufile Prime is called with U logo instead of Vico. You can criticize that company, but in reality, this Micromax is no different than any other, with similar looking smartphones. For its value,  Yu Yureka Black looks at least in the Indian market and does not feel like its rivals. This is a sad fact, but there is not really any innovation in the Smartphone market.

Yu Yureka Black

On Flipside,  Yu Yureka Black metal seems to be more premium than competitive equipment. It looks more like a glass than metal, just like the Jet Black version of the iPhone 7 (review). Although it means that Yu Yureka Black is the most slippery Smartphone in the budget segment when you hold it, it seems slippery, and there is a tendency to shut down your lap or table.

It is a tough phone to handle, Especially with one hand Things are easy to keep in vertical position, but it is a nightmare on horizontally organized for shooting pictures etc.

There are chrome antenna lines on the back with the camera at the top-center and there is a flash below it. The U logo is parallel to the camera below and the edges are rounded in the form of around. The 2.5 d Gorilla Glass 3 on the front is true and its name is true, as the whole device is as black as it is.

In fact, it is very dark that it became difficult to show the micro-USB orientation in the dark-lighted room. Brazil can also be difficult due to this black treatment, and the whole design becomes more intuitive than that.


The black shadow described above had to weaken the performance at some point in the first sight. A close look reveals that u tuned to warm the colors warmly, but the opposite is definitely less than normal. It has a good looking display and touches display, but Black is very high, especially for a phone that plays on the whole “black” thing. In fact, the deep black color will be mixed with the design as well.

The viewing angles are fine, but when you are not looking at the display head, a yellow tone appears. Angles should not be too much and as a result, photos, movies, and videos sometimes look quite unnatural on the screen. Demand is a bit short, which means that when you get out and you have a little bit of light on you.


Moving with industry trends, Micromax has chosen Snapdragon 430 to give power to this Smartphone. The company is using Snapdragon 430 and 435 each other because they are no different in any way. However, the Snapdragon 435-powered Smartphone. Will have better LTE support, which means connectivity is concerned, as far as they are more versatile.

Yu Yureka Black

On regular use, you should expect something and look for stubs. The games are playable, but not in their best. Like injustice and WWE Champions, the game will play some more than 30fps frames, but there will never be 60 hits. This is about the performance.

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That you can expect from smartphones under Rs. 10,000 today, and it is also useful as useful. With most other aspects of this phone, performance is not surprising, nor does it affect more than other smartphones. App load time is high and timely watched the strikers while hanging the glitter meter. Performance is fine for basic users, but it is not the fast or smooth device from any margin.


The back camera is the only real disappointing aspect of  Yu Yureka Black. I take some good photos, but the camera is far from dependable. Color saturation is sometimes very high and sometimes on the lower side. The details are very less and the focus is often wrong. The camera is slow to focus both in light and low light conditions. The phone also finds it difficult to separate the closely-matched colors, such as a deep dark and light shadow. Which is close to each other. Photos with low light were also some color noises, in some years. I have not seen a Smartphone in the camera.

On the other hand, the front camera is more reliable. It softens the texture of a little face, but it is not enough to look unnatural though, the details here are far less and the photos still lack the intensity. Can be used in low light conditions, but it will not change any basic element of images. If your cuffs talk to you, then the flash probably will add some value propositions here. Bbut I still recommend spending a bit more for better friends.


All of the above-mentioned driving is 3000 mAh battery and you will get about 10 to 12 hours of battery life. You can play 20% charging and high brightness for more than an hour. While the camera battery is not very hard in life.  Yu Yureka Black battery life is the average of the industry today. You will charge it every morning and after 10 hours a working day, you will be charged again. It will not run until you, however, so Redmi 4 provides about 50% more battery life.

Bottom line

When you come back, you want a phone that draws consumer attention and gives consumer attention in it. As far as related to Yareka Black. The design succeeds. But, there is nothing to separate this phone from its competitors, and its camera and battery life are actually inferior to Gami Redmi 4 (our current budget favorites). If you look good on everyone, then  Yu Yureka Black will be according to your imagination. But the gun on my head, the Redmi 4 is a much more balanced and better tool than this. Of course. The right choice will be something with Android Not, but unfortunately, nobody wants to give you this price range.


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