Zopo Flash X Plus Android Review, Detailed And Price


Zopo Flash X Plus is not the Flash X Plus phone, which we recommend, no matter where you are buying from, though, Zomi Redmi Note 4, Honor 6X and Moto G5, for offline buyers in this price range.

Asus GenCon 3S Max and Lenovo With 6 of these notes offer better value than this smartphone. If you are very lucky, the 3 GB RAM version of Coolpad Cool1 is also sold offline, which is the best phone for offline budget buyers.

Zopo Flash X Plus

Zopo Flash X Plus, Detailed

The Sub-15 markets in India are quite competitive because manufacturers try to offer the best features at the reasonable cost, with head-on-high heel falling. You can also find those devices that offer flagship grade processors, large screen fibres, double-rear cameras and huge batteries. ZoO takes on this market, is entering the field with its new Flash X Plus smartphone. Starting at the price of Rs 13,999, the device will be against some very good smartphones, like Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, Honor 6X, Coolpad Cool1 and so on let’s see whether to stand next to Zopo Flash X Plus what must.


The Zopo Flash X Plus can not seem extraordinary, but it does not mean that it is a bad looking smartphone, it plays a metal build with 2.5d glass on top. Volume rotation and power buttons are located on the right edge of the device, while the SIM tray is on the left below, you have flanked by micro-USB port, speaker grill and 3.5mm headphone jack. The fingerprint sensor is located behind the home button. On the back is the 13 MP primary camera with dual-LED flash, while the noisy microphone is located on the top edge.

Zopo Flash X Plus

When you pick up and hold the phone, then you start showing the flaws. For example, the power button, when you press it, do not suppress it adequately, it is a bit difficult to use, especially when using screenshots Attempt to take. There is a similar problem with the home button, even though it is touch sensitive, is used on OnePlus 3, it is a little sad, which I personally dislike.

Another issue was the SIM tray, which does not flush with the body. When I removed it from the slot, it has come to know that there are three separate parts in the tray, which consists of three spots-weld. So, when you hold it, then two pieces peep. More worrisome, this means that there was little possibility that it could break two pieces. Whole design points, which are not a good sign, to focus on the lack of polish and detail.


That’s not everything. The LED notification located behind the detachment of the ear is visible through the hole for the noise cancelling microphone at the top of the device. It seems that Zopo took the shell that every sub-15 K is using the smartphone, but decided to leave it on the microphone. It also means that dust and water can easily enter the device. The issue of building such a building on a smartphone is certainly nothing I want, especially when you keep the price of the device in mind.

Zopo Flash X Plus

Zopo Flash X Plus plays a full HD display of 5.5 inches. The viewing angles are very good, with cooler colours. The display is brightly brilliant even with a luminance rating of about 492 lux. Sunlight visibility is fine and even in bright daylight, it does not make much difference to me

Zopo has opted to use a UI that looks like stock Android, which is completed with the app drawer, which I personally like. However, you have installed some bloatware on the Explorer keyboard, zopo care, zopo world and even an app that just takes you to the website of zopo, such as the Zapo app (which takes you to the website) Excluding these applications can not be uninstall. Thankfully, you can hide these applications in the App Druid Also, you also get the option to turn on gesture functions like double tap to wake up, drawing on screen, and using double tap to go to more functions I can do ‘C’ to launch the camera, but other gestures were not very sensitive.


Zopo Flash is power by 1.3GHz MediaTek MT 6753 processor with X-Plus 3 GB RAM. In day-to-day use, the processor is not very bad and performs the most simple task without any problem. However, there may be a problem with performance-intensive work like gaming. The distance between the menu and the loading screen is also noticeable. While asphalt 8 plays, the phone offers the frame rate of 13 fps. Which is the lowest we saw at any price

Which is the lowest we saw in any price range? It is difficult to play the game at these frame rates and the experience is cross-over. In an air-conditioned room, the phone reached 37 degrees with almost half an hour of gaming. With temperatures outside at around 40 degrees.

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Which is the lowest we saw in any price range? It is difficult to play the game at these frame rates and the experience is cross-over. In an air-conditioned room, the phone reached 37 degrees with almost half an hour of gaming. With temperatures outside at around 40 degrees. The Zopova Flash X Plus reached 43 degrees, with gaming nearly 20 minutes. The temperature is neither out of the ordinary. But you will not expect more heat than this level of performance of any kind.


The device has 13 MP rear camera with F / 2.2 aperture lens. It produces unrefined colors and blacks and brightness of the overall images. In the case of low light conditions, things get worse. The sensor produces a lot of pixel noise. Which gives details of the ruins.

On the front, there is an 8MP camera with the F / 2.4 aperture lens Zopo Flash X Plus uses. The version of the apple’s retina flash to take photos in low light conditions and when you flash the win/peace hand gesture. There is an alert mode. The self-details and noise level taken from this camera is quite high at night, then with a low level of detail.

Battery life

The smartphone is equip with a 3350 mAh battery. On my average work day. Which begins at around 8 am and ends at 11 o’clock, I had approximately 25 percent of the battery left. It includes about 20 minutes of gaming, 30-40 minutes of streaming music, and calling the rest, Social media, etc. Our synthetic battery ran for about six hours in benchmark tests, although. It is possible to get a longer battery life with more prudent use. It is advisable to carry a power bank as well.


The Zopo Flash X Plus sees itself in the middle of a very competitive range. It performs better by the second, better-equipped smartphone, it has exceeded all the way from quality to battery life. For his credit, Zopo charges Rs. 12,999. But you can get a better smartphone around this price point Moto G5 and Xiamys Redmi Note 4 will be recommend. If you do not want to buy online, Coolpad Cool1 is also sold offline. While Lenovo’s 6 notes and phones such as Asus Zenfone 3s Max are a viable option for offline buyers.


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